Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Is it Monday yet?

This weekend has been...intense. Herself's party was yesterday; SG was up until 2 AM making her ice cream. I made her a tie-dye cake (FUN! Everybody was surprised when we cut into it and had rainbows! :lol:)....she's at the age it's hard to shop for, but everybody helped out her bead-fund. She's excited - we have a trip to the "local" (to my office, anyway) bead store this week.

We introduced everyone to Star's funny. You either "get" Fluxx, or you don't. Apparently, most.....older folk don't get it. You start with 2 rules: Draw a card and Play a card. You start with 3 cards in your hand; you can play as many as you like, as long as you play AT LEAST the # in the rules.

Because, see - the rules change as you play. There least 5 types of card; in the Star version there's 6. You have New Rules (which replace the draw/play rule, or add new rules - like hand limit/keeper limit, etc. Some of the new rules are funny - in one version, every time a card has a "3" on it, it means "5". :lol:), Keepers (which you...keep, to enable you to win the game), Goals (which tells you what Keepers you need to win), Creepers (which are Bad, except when the Goals tell you that you need one - otherwise they prevent you from winning) and Actions (which let you screw with other players. :evil grin:) Star Fluxx also has Surprise cards, which you can play at ANY TIME, and prevent someone else from winning (like the "That's MINE!" card, which lets you grab a Keeper that someone else is using to win. Or that they just stole from you/someone else.).

It's pretty fast-moving, and FUN. We have 4 versions; Star, Zombie, Martian, and Monty Python. Of these, Star Fluxx is our favorite, but they're all fun. And, like the name, they're always in Flux - the rules can change with every card played.

Any way, it was fun, but busy (and a little stressful, but enough of that.). Today, we went out driving - 3 hours of traveling around. We discovered a hand-made chocolate shop (that has Dublin soft drinks! I don't drink sodas - but I had half a bottle of "Dark Cherry". MMMMmmmmmmmm. Dublin uses REAL cane sugar...and you can tell.) We like doing this - it's fun, and we always seem to find some cool place.

Hope all you Dads out there had a good day.

Oh! Herself just told me 2 more eggs are hatching. :hee!: Looks like SG's gonna have some chicks of his own soon. :wink:

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