Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Wish this week were OVER...

Because, so far, it hasn't been anything great. First up, SG's been sick with the head cold the rest of us have/had - question. Why is it when a man gets sick, he's the sickest sick person EVER, even when his wife has the same thing (in fact, SHE gave it to HIM.)? Just asking...because the rest of us have managed to, you know, actually *function* while not being able to breathe.......while he was stuck in bed, too weak to do anything (except download the first season of the BBC's "Sherlock". And watch movies all day/night.)


Monday was *bad*. Cyn came over - she has to have 2 shots of B vitamin/week, and can't give them to herself. Since I give all the animal shots over here, she asked me if I'd stick her. Sure thing - it's easy-peasy, and I don't mind. Anyway - she came over Monday afternoon, my dogs decided that they'd never seen another human in their entire lives, and said other human was trying to destroy life as they knew it, and said human needed to be put into her place.....and I discovered that my lovely, lovely, Norwegian wheel can't take the stress of a 130 pound Wolfhound sliding into it. :EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!:

The outside front leg snapped off, right at the table. :shudder: I went into shock - I realize it's only a *thing*, but it's an expensive thing, and I just can't see the USPS taking good care of it while shipping it back to Alden. I shrugged it off - again, it's just a THING - but.....oy! I was (and am!) heart-sick over it.

SG was still "sick" yesterday, but somehow managed to gather the strength to go to his shop, grab the wood glue and clamps, and fixed my lovely, lovely wheel. He even managed to get the peg out, before he re-glued the leg, so the whole thing is even re-pegged. I'm still sick over it, but you honestly can't see the break....and she's whole again.

The kids went to work with me; after we went to the "local" bead store (Artful Beads. Nice store!) She spent 1.5 hours drooling, and came home with $21 worth of beads (and $10 worth of freebies the clerk dropped in her bag, because "I'm kinda tired of cleaning around these. Enjoy!" - yeah, we'll be back!)

I'm in panic cheese-making mode. All my bottles are full, my back-up bottles are full, and my backup-backup bottles (that I just dug out of the various places in the house) are FULL. I'm to the point of making "unusual" cheese - just how many wheels of cheddar do we need, anyway? Monday was Leicester, today is Montasio (never heard of it, but I have all the stuff, so why not?) I'm planning on making a few batches of soft cheese, too - just to use up more milk. I'm not complaining - but I can't quite figure out why we went from not-quite-2-gallons/day last year to not-quite-4-gallons/day this year. The 2 Alpines are NOT giving us that much milk...and the Nubians haven't gone up that much. Again, not complaining.....after all, I'm ending up with a LOT of cheese put up. (And I have to buy some more molds - I only have the one. I need one for Ricotta, and one for soft cheese draining, and 1 that's cheddar specific. And then....we might just need another press. Right now, I can only make 1 batch (using 2 gallons of milk) of hard cheese per day....if I had another press, I could make a double batch (4 gallons of milk) and use it up faster. :sigh:) We're out of containers for ice cream, so that's not gonna happen......(and again - just how many gallons of ice cream does 1 family need?? And ice cream only uses 5 cups of milk/ doesn't really help. Tastes good, though...)

So. It's Wednesday, and things look like they might be settling down. I hope. SG is at work today, and the 3 of us aren't sniffling as much. AND - I have Benedict Cumberbatch to look forward to! :lol: He makes a good Sherlock...I like the BBC version MUCH better than the new US one. (Watson as a female???? Really????? Doesn't work for me......I'll stick with the BBC, thankyouverymuch!)

Oh, chick update: We've hatched out 4, but lost (seriously, we don't know where it went!) 1. Nugget - the first one - is doing fine; we lost one of the Americunas. Not sure if there are any more close to hatching...we're watching. Fun stuff!

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