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And now for something completely different....

Herself's been busy beading, so I thought it was probably time to take photos and post a "brag" post for her. (Besides, she's been *begging*, so...why not? Makes for an easy post for me! :lol:)

To save bandwidth, I did collages with the photos - 1 for Necklaces, and 1 for Earrings. She wants me to tell y'all that if anyone is interested in maybe acquiring set similar, she's interested. :lol: I can post single pictures of any of these - and we're discussing setting up a page on the "farm" website just for her jewelry.

So, without further ado, I give you:



and Earrings:


These are kinda hard to get good photos of, at least here, with my limited set-up. She's using a lot of Swarvoski crystals, and those lovelies are very hard for my camera to catch. Very, very sparkly!

There's some of her "early" stuff in here - bet you can guess! - she's come a LONG way. I am going to end up with way too much bling.....:evil grin: (She's working on my birthday/Hanukkah present right now. I am 1 lucky Mama! :wink:)

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