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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Something I've noticed lately....

when the Lord wants His people to ignore something, the chrischun sites promote the crap out of it. When He wants His people to pay attention, the chrischun sites are silent. It's odd, but I kinda "get" it...and right now, the chrischuns seem to be up in arms over: Modesty. (To be fair, I don't hit a lot of those sites. The homeschool forum I lurk on, though, has been ALL OVER the modesty thang, as have a few other sites I hit. So.....)

This bugs me, for more than 1 reason. I'm going to try to be coherent here, but I'm not sure I can, because this makes me so bear with me. I know *what* I want to say, but I'm not sure I can do justice to it.

So, modesty. According to what I've read, woman are to blame if a man - wait, a "brother" - sins. A woman MUST cover from throat to below the knee, and below the elbow, because a man might see her skin and sin - and it will be HER fault. I call BULL-SHIT to this.

Don't toss the old "well, men are visual creatures" bunk at me - we're ALL visual creatures. We ALL have eyes, and we all look. Don't put some man's lack of control on ME, just because I choose to wear shorts and a tank top in 104* weather. It's NOT MY FAULT. (It's same basic principle as a rapist claiming that his victim "asked for it - look at how she was dressed!" Yeah. THINK about that one a minute.)

I'm not saying that I have the right to go out skyclad (to use a neat phrase from my SCA days. :wink:) - I do believe that some things should stay covered except in the privacy of my own home. However......why am *I* (speaking for all women, here) condemned for wearing a sleeveless top (because some strange male might - just MIGHT, mind you - get lust-filled thoughts at the sight of my elbow (no shit, someone actually said that a female elbow is erotic.) or shoulder), while men are "allowed" to run around shirtless. (Even those who...really should cover up their beer bellies. Some things are best left unseen.)

Here's the deal - we all have eyes, and we all look. It doesn't mean that looking automatically equals lust. I can - here's a good example. There's a young man that lives around here somewhere (or did - I haven't seen him lately.) He tends to go running shirtless - and let me tell you, his abs are what I wish mine were. He's in good shape - but he doesn't cause me to fall into a lust-filled tremble when I see him. I simply see a great example of God's creation - and that's it. I admire it, then move on, just like I do when I see a sunrise/sunset.

WHY does the chrischun church claim that their menfolk can't control themselves? They're really putting their men down, you know.....and yes, I realize it's all about control. Of women, mostly - if you question it (and I have), you'll generally get something along the lines of "Well, because of Eve." (It might take a while to get to that point, but that's what it boils down to - women MUST be covered, because they can lead men astray too easily, like Eve.) Again - Bull Shit.

Yes, Eve took the first bite. She *offered* the fruit to Adam, who had 2 choices: 1) Politely decline or 2) Accept. He chose option #2. When God asked "What have you done?!", Adam took the coward's way out "SHE - the woman YOU gave me! - made me do it!" :facepalm:

Do you see what Adam did there? Not only did he deny his culpability in the situation, he actually accused GOD (indirectly) of the sin! I mean....yeah, way to put on your big-boy pants there, Adam!

Eve was WRONG, yes.....but she at least didn't blame anyone but the Serpent (who did, in fact, tempt her into it.) Doesn't make her sin right, but she did admit to doing it. Adam took no responsibility at all.....and the church seems to take that tack as well - it's not the MEN'S fault that they lust! It's the woman's! She needs to stay completely covered to keep HIM from sinning! :sigh:

It really gets bad when you want to discuss that #1 summer pastime (here, anyway): swimming. Women, to be modest, should apparently wear a 1-piece suit, with a rash guard or t-shirt over it, any time they are at the pool/beach. Um. A t-shirt. In the water.....there's a reason bars have wet t-shirt contests, you know, and modesty has NOTHING to do with it.'s hard to swim in a t-shirt..they balloon up, and weigh a ton and....yeah. Whatever. (Don't get me started on swim dresses.....I had one. I wore it 1 time. NEVER again. The skirt wouldn't stay in the water; it was up around my neck like a lily-pad. NOT very was bad. The weight of it wet out of the water pulled the neckline down to...well, *I* don't consider my belly-button modest.)

Look, I'm not saying modesty has no place for Believers.....but what the chrischun church calls "modesty" really isn't. It's twisted......cover your private bits, and dress to where YOU (and your mate!) are comfortable with it, and don't worry about someone else's sin. No matter how "modestly" YOU dress, there's someone out there who just might get turned on by it. And it's not your fault. (You think I kid...I don't. It's a scary world out there, full of weirdoes. When every female is covered by a burka, the sight of a woman's *finger* can turn some people, you know, women can't win. :sigh:)

Anyway, I'm rambling. We need to head out......and I don't know if I even make sense. SO.....laters!

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