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Homeschool goodness....

Need to share a few links with my peeps:

1. Disney Imagineering Science - did you know that Disney made a bunch of SCIENCE videos? I didn't.....and I am eyeing these. Suggested age-range is 5th - 8th grade, but I think it'd work for both youngers and olders. Price is a consideration....MY library system sucks, but maybe yours doesn't.

2. Torah Class - yes, I've mentioned it before, and I'm going to KEEP mentioning it, because it is just that good. If you want to include a Bible study into your Homeschool, THIS is the one you want. I've linked to the e-book shop (at $9.99/each book, it's CHEAP!!!), but you can find the free lessons these are based on here. If you call yourself a Christ-follower, you NEED to read these. Honest - this is my 2nd read-thru of these (the first time via the free version; the kids and I just finished Gen. 49 today. We're on track to start Exodus on Thursday) and I am learning stuff I didn't notice the first time thru. If you want to print out the books for teaching purposes, go with the pdf version...and you don't need the Teacher's Edition. It gives an awkward (IMO, of course!) lesson plan and some tests....but we're just reading the text and discussing it. FABULOUS.

3. 1776 the Musical - yeah. Seriously. :lol: I haven't gotten my copy yet, but everything I've heard about this makes it well worth the $8.00 I spent on the DVD (eBay, naturally. :wink:) Just another way to spice up History. And musicals. :lol:

4. The Great Courses are on Audible now. I don't have an Audible account, but let me assure you, ANYTHING by The Great Courses is worth every penny. We have.....quite a few of their courses (eBay is my friend!) in all sorts of subjects; while some of the professors are a bit dry (Meteorology, anyone? Fascinating course, but the professor's voice is so...bland. Still, we learned a LOT!), most of them are very engaging. We're currently doing "How to Look At and Understand Great Art"; the lady professor is very engaging and the course has been - so far! - very interesting. They have diverse subjects.....and considering you are getting a college course, the price isn't bad (maybe "college lite", but it's still more advanced than a typical High School Course.)

I've got more, but can't find 'em at the moment - and I have to mess with the cheese. Enjoy!

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