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Just a quickie...


Previous Entry Just a quickie... Jul. 15th, 2013 @ 12:58 pm Next Entry
because I need to work up a Latin workbook thingy:

1. Thank you for all the positive comments about the necklace! Herself is all warm and as giggly as she gets because of the praise!

2. Ali, it took her about 3 weeks of off-and-on work to make the necklace. The "matching" earrings took about 2 hours (I need to take a photo of those). I estimate she spent maybe....3 hours a day on it? But I'm not sure. You have to remember, though - when she gets into something, that's ALL she does....she's currently got 3 or 4 bead projects going, and she cycles thru them all day. (It's one of the joys of being an Aspie.....hyper-focus. And obsessions.)

3. It's been raining since yesterday AM. Praise God! We need this SO badly! And this is the GOOD type of rain - soft, slow, and constant.

4. I'm loving that it's Summer, we school year-round, and if I decided to skip a subject for a day or 2, it's no big deal. We skipped Latin today, just because.....and I don't have any guilt over it (well...not much. :wink:) I'm trying to work up some worksheets to help retention - the spiral notebook idea isn't working (Herself will NOT take notes. At all. Himself only does the vocabulary....and it's just not sticking. So....I get to type up some worksheets and bind them into a workbook. Fun times....)(I'm in the middle of printing out the first 20 Hebrew podcast lesson worksheets, front-to-back.....I need more ink before I print out the rest. No biggie - my ProClick lets you add pages as you go.)

Gotta run - gotta flp the cheese (Swiss) and start typing.

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