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Long Day....


Previous Entry Long Day.... Aug. 5th, 2004 @ 03:43 pm Next Entry
and boring. Lots of revenue to be coded....I think I did 2 weeks worth in 7 hours today. Blah!

Last night was interesting - "Secrets of the Dead - Amazon Warrior Women" was on PBS. Very interesting - this archeologist has spent the last 20 or so years trying to prove Homer's tales of Amazons was true. She did - and found living decendents of them, too! (Gotta love DNA testing!) Even the 2 kidlets were interested enough to watch along with me.

Got 1 bobbin of the Shetland completly full. Tonight, I plan on starting the 2nd; when it's full I'll ply them together.

Half of this yarn is destined to be dyed - hopefully French Blue. (I'm aiming for French Blue, whether or not I achieve it is another story!). The other half will be left natural - a sort of oatmeal color. It will then be woven into a scarf......some sort of color-and-weave effect. I'm leaning towards a log-cabin type thing.....but maybe shooting star. Won't know til the yarn is dyed and ready to be warped up.

I had an idea for a log-cabin variation, using 3 colors instead of 2. Gonna let that one cook a while before trying it out.

Must run - time to pack stuff up so we can head home!
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