Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

A Tale of 2 Vacuums....

Today was town day, so I had rescheduled school so we could leave early - we had to drop off the Dysons at the Vacuum Doctor.

Wait a minute...I didn't mention that. OK. At one point, I had 3 Dysons. The first one was purchased in 2003, right before we moved in here. It was reconditioned, but worked *great*. Herself managed to finally kill it a couple of years ago, so we went on CraigsList and bought a new-in-box one. LOVED it - to the point that when the Studio was "finished", I scoured CL to buy 1 for in there. (SG kept promising to get the original one fixed.....I was tired of waiting)

Well.....she managed to kill the new one, so I let her loose with the Studio vac.....which she killed within a week. :grrrrr: We've been vacuum-less for almost 9 months now - dragging the shop vac in when the rugs were too bad to live with.

Anyway, SG promised me that when he got his mid-year bonus this year he'd get 1 of them looked at; later on we'd get the other 2 done. OK....last Saturday was "it". Only, the Vacuum Doctor in next town over doesn't service Dyson...but her brother 2 towns over does. So, off we trekked.

While at her shop, SG fell in LOVE with a Kirby (at $1500. :gulp:) I the point that that's ALL he was talking about in the car. So...I said look, let's see if this guy'll cut you a deal - trade in 2 of the 3 Dysons for a bit off of your dream vacuum. He was surprised - I am a die-hard Dyson fan! - but I know when to give in. :lol:

So. We get there, get mhe new Dyson set for a tune-up, and SG started talking. The guy was starting to write up the Kirby, until I mentioned that we have NO carpet. Hold the phone! We don't NEED the Kirby (it has a shampoo attachment, for Pete's sake!) - we needed something else! He recommended a Riccar....which is what we walked out with (at right at half the price, I might add!).

He gave us $100 off for the 2 other Dysons, sight unseen. (Yeah....$50 each. Ah, well.....) He applied the tune-up fee against the credit....and today we had to run the 2 up to him.

We still have $49 credit there - I'm going to use it for the bags.

Anyway. We hit JoAnn's, where I got the proper thread to sew up my swimsuit (I actually cut the fabric yesterday! Go me!), then we hit Wally World for groceries. THEN, we hit the Fiesta Outlet for a few more luncheon plates ( was a LOT of driving. 30 miles to JoAnn's....then home, then 30 miles the other direction for the plates. :sigh: But I needed them...) THEN we hit the meat market, so we are set for the next month.

Tomorrow's back to "normal", whatever that is. :lol:

Oh, and the Riccar? LOVE it. Even though Herself sucked up the clothesline cord the first time she used it, and jammed the beater :sigh:, it didn't phase it. And it was pretty easy to take it apart to remove the cord. I'm glad I have a Dyson for the Studio, but this Riccar is pretty spiffy.

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