Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I've been busy....

sewing up a Bombshell. Yup, I've been sewing Lycra 4-way stretch, with a lining, in a FITTED item. :gulp:

First up, photos (There's only 2, so I'm not cutting it):

Bombshell front

Bombshell back

Kat was nice enough to model for me - it's threatening rain here, so you are spared the sight of my pasty-white legs. :lol:

The pattern is VERY well written. There were a few spots I couldn't "get", but I went to the sew-along and figured it out. (In fact, I ditched the printed instructions and worked directly from the sew-along.) It was actually a pretty easy pattern - even for me, who is braver than experienced.

However, I did have some issues - all my fault. First, my fabric - I don't know much about lycra, so I thought a 7 oz fabric would be better for swimming than the "usual" 5 oz. There's absolutely NO drape in this fabric - when the suit is on me, I have to adjust the ruching, because the fabric just sits there. It's also thick enough that I didn't need to use the lining...I did anyway, because, well, the pattern said inside seams SUCK. My serger had fits with the 4 layers at each seam.

Which leads to my 1 complaint about the pattern - she says to "serge or zig-zag" your seams. That's it - just serge. Now, I don't know about her serger, but I have a 4-thread one. The sales lady told me that NO, it doesn't sew a firm seam - there's no bobbin under the 4th thread. The serged "seam" will hold i there's no stress put on in hems, for example. For seams on a swimsuit that is actually going to be SWAM in? Not even - you HAVE to go back and seam it on your machine. (/rant off)

If I were to do this over, I'd seam ALL the parts before starting assembly. My serger didn't mind serging the lining and fabric - but 2 layers was it's limit. I'd also be more careful with my pinning - I didn't pre-pin my elastic into my suit, and I had fits trying to sew it.

Anyway, this is v.1.0. We are hopefully going to the fabric district tomorrow, to see what kinds of lycra they have. I'm not totally happy with the neckline on this one - It was fine until I put the elastic in, then it got kinda wavy. I had to put it on and pin the top smooth so it looked nice - and I lost a little bit of coverage because of it. I'm also going to try to find new elastic - I used the recommended "invisible" swimsuit elastic.....and man, is that hard to SEE!

Still, I LOVE it - I have a suit that actually FITS me! (Sizing: this pattern is great! I had to mash 3 sizes together - according to this pattern, I am a 14 bust, a 16 waist, and slightly smaller than an 18 bum. It was very easy to grade up - and it FITS.) :happy dance: For the first time in my life, I have a swimsuit that isn't too tight/loose in any area - and I made it myself!

Now I have to find more fabric....I need a couple more suits. We're in the pool almost every day - most days 2x.....

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