Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

So much to do....

Let's see....first up, my bombshell rocks the pool! No slippage, no major wedgies (but I need to do something else next time), no problems at all while swimming. It does, however, require LOTS of time to dry - we finished swimming at 6 last night, and right now (approx. 10:30 AM) it's STILL wet. Ah, well....

Yesterday we were busy. We ran to the feed store for hay...and came home with 3 guineas. We need something for grasshopper control, and looks like these are the best bet. They're in the coop now, being terrorized by the hens.

Then we ran to the Fabric District....and I scored some new swimsuit lycra. I have...wait, lemme just show you:

Fabric purchase

$47 for lycra for 2 suits, plus the thread to sew both of 'em up. I didn't really need the lining fabric...but it was only $5/yard, and "real" suits use nude I caved. 2 yards is enough to do 3 suits...and I still have 2 suits worth of the blue lining. :lol:

Bombshell V. 2.0 is currently being worked on. I have everything cut out and the 2 back pieces gathered and pinned. I'm trying to slow down on this one and do everything as precisely as possible....

Anyway...we then went to a bead store for Herself, and stopped at Half Price. This one I haven't been to in a while...and I need to make the effort. Their clearance section ROCKS. I got *7* books - all hardbacks! - for $19. Let's see:

Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines
S*B Nation (vol.2)
Knitting From the Top
Knitting Cuff-to-Cuff
for $1.00 EACH, and

Inspired to Sew
Sew Serendipity.

VERY nice haul, wouldn't you say?

Then....oh, then the day went weird. We stopped at JoAnn's so I could get a 1/4" foot for my machine (to help make my seams more current foot is a little wider than that. No biggie, but I figured, we were out...I had new fabric...might as well, right?) They didn't have one, but suggested the Quilting store in the same shopping center. Um.

I usually try to brush off weirdness, but this is TOO weird to not post a warning: Thomas Quilting in Mesquite - AVOID it.

We went in, and I asked one of the employees about the foot. She asked what machine I had (A 1950's White Triple-Matic)...and said, "Oh, we need to get you something newer!" I said "No - really. I LOVE my White, I kill new machines - I just need a foot." She pushed a little, I said NO...then she told the Owner (Mr. Thomas) about my machine. :sigh:

He got NASTY. He refused to let me have a foot until I sat down at a $2700 machine and sewed a bit. I refused - he got worse. SG said - LOUDLY - "A foot won't cost me what a new machine will - let's GO."

The lady stood up, grabbed me a foot, and ran - yes, RAN - to the checkout. SG heard Mr. Thomas say "I should fire her - I told her 3 times to sit her down at that machine.." and SG went ballistic. (So did I, when he told me later.)

$17 later, I had my foot (which....won't work for my suit, because it doesn't have a slot for the needle, only a circle. No zig-zags, in other words. SG is going to hollow it out for me.) (And guys, I haven't told you ALL of it...because what's the point? Suffice to say, we will NOT be going back there. I was going to ask about service...but not now. I wouldn't be surprised if he broke my machine so he could sell me a new one.)

I hate pushy sales people....I mean, I get trying to sell machines - really, I do. But when a customer tells you over and over again that No, really - not interested, you should drop it. :sigh:

Anyway. I have Cotswold cheese cooking, and I need to get back to my Bombshell. laters!

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