Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Bombshell time!

I finished Bombshell V.3.0. It's GREEN. It FITS. And it works well in the pool. :lol:

Sorry no wearing shots - you have to shimmy into it, and Kate the headless can't shimmy. And I'm not inflicting my chubby body on anybody. :grin: (Be glad. Be VERY glad. Maybe when I lose some weight - whenever that might be :sigh: - I'll change my mind.)

Green Bombshell back

Green bombshell front

I bought new elastic for this one - the clear crap I bought in the beginning? Sucks to sew with. It's hard to see, it's THIN, and it won't be pinned. I was more careful in my pinning and basting this time...but I'm still getting some rolling along the top front edge. That might be because I used 3/8" elastic instead of 1/4", but it's bugging me.

Anyway. Learned some new things, and I have a lovely, lovely suit to show for it. :grin: We're going back to the fabric outlet later, so I can replace the purple paisley....V.2.1 will have a halter top instead of the sweetheart one. :shrug: I wanna try something different, yet still the same style. :grin:

We're off to the Orthodontist for an evaluation. Fun times......

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