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I'm done*....


Previous Entry I'm done*.... Aug. 6th, 2013 @ 01:45 pm Next Entry
because things are insanely busy at work and home and school. But.

Assumptions are a bad thing. *I* never said I am mixing evil and Truth. I mentioned a bit of weirdness, and yes, I cried out that I was tired. And HE answered.

I do NOT armor up, and up, and up - Yeshua's blood has me covered, thanks. Nope, I never said we were being attacked - I just mentioned weirdness.

And...if Believers can't be oppressed/attacked....well, never mind. I remember what I read, though.....even years later.

I've got too much on my plate at the moment - we started Elul cleaning yesterday, work exploded, and I am drowning in milk. Not that I'm complaining..but we are busy. And I'd better get back to it.

Oh, and as for watching - yeah, I am. But I don't need the confirmation - I KNOW where we are. I'm in waiting mode....the signs are great, and yes, they DO confirm what I already know.

*NOT done for good, just done with biting my tongue. Bt it IS insanely busy now, so there will be radio silence for a while.

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