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I am alive...and an Apology


Previous Entry I am alive...and an Apology Aug. 12th, 2013 @ 07:41 am Next Entry
Got the client's work pretty much done yesterday afternoon.....only 1 late nighter (12:30 Sunday AM...but we won't mention that). Now the focus is on FA's stuff...hopefully by Thursday things'll be back to normal.

I want to publicly apologize for the temper-tantrum last week. I should have followed Christ and taken it to the person privately, and I didn't (no excuses here - I should have done what was right, instead of just reacting). I'm sorry. Y'all shouldn't have been subjected to stuff y'all weren't involved in. I will try to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Anyway, I'm still busy - AND the Lord gave me a fabulous idea for prezzies this year, and it helped keep me sane while working (I have to be doing something creative, or I go nuts. The past 2 months have been hard - I can't knit or weave with a broken wrist, and sewing isn't as portable. But now, I'm *back*...:whee!: Gotta dust off the loom and get cracking - yeah, I *could* buy the stuff, but a) I'm broke in $$$ but rich in yarn/fiber and b) where the hell is the fun in that? And the personal touch?)

Today/tomorrow is FA's stuff, and Wednesday is doctor-day, so I'll be back Thursday.

Again, Sorry for the kerfuffle.

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