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Busy busy busy....

with no sign of things letting up. What gives? :grin:

This weekend was nice. We went to an Antique show - no one was buying, even though the dealers were ALL offering stuff at 50% off the marked price. Sad.....we also hit an Antique Mall - I am looking for button jars. I need more buttons - but scrapbookers have been buying them up. Or something.

Oh! Video game recommendation: IF you have a Space-crazy, would love to work at NASA person in your household (young OR old); and
IF you have no problems with video games; then
I have the PERFECT game for you: Kerbal Space Program. Basically, YOU are NASA.

No, seriously - you are NASA on the planet Kerbal. You have to build rockets to send your Kerbalnauts into space....and folks, the physics engine in this game is REALISTIC. Just because you built a rocket does NOT mean it's gonna safely make it into space - and that's what makes this game so educational. And fun.

Himself's been an early adopter - this is exactly what he was looking for. He's managed to get a space station into orbit around Kerbal, and he's crashed a ship into the Sun. He hasn't made it to the Mun yet - but he's working on it. All around a great game. Worth every penny of the $20 I shelled out for it. :grin:

We've also been dealing with house stuff - last week, our septic pump went out. Got it repaired...and by Friday, it was out *again*. The guy came out first thing today...seems we (finally) need our tank pumped. :ick: They'll be out Thursday...:sigh: Still, they claim you need to pump the tank every 3 years...we've been here 11 and this is the first time it's "needed" it. (I have my doubts - not this time, no...but up to 3 months ago I'd been using Rid-X. They told me to STOP it....and now we need pumping. Yeah, um...I'm gonna go back to using Rid-X, thanks.)

I knocked out a few more bags...and did a lot of thinking. Something's been bugging me.....namely, that there's a time limit on how long someone should share Truth with a person before cutting them off.

I....can't think like that. God's put up with a lot from me, and HE never gave why should *I* give up, just because someone can't quite align their beliefs exactly with mine (which may not be perfect, y'know?)

See, about 1 year ago I had a friend come over, and we had a long conversation about religion. Apparently, the church she grew up in was of the "Believe exactly what we tell you, or you're going to Hell" variety. Since she couldn't quite understand their teachings, AND no one would actually sit down and *explain* to her the whys and wherefores, she figured she was doomed.

Now, to look at her, you'd never know she wasn't a Believer - she lives as though she is walking the walk, to borrow church-speak. But she had questions.....and when she saw our table set up for a Feast (it was either RH or Sukkot, I really don't remember), she asked what/why/how. I sent up a quick "HELP!", and started talking.

She left with a much more......happy? outlook. Now, I have no idea if she's done anything with the info I shared - but that's OK. It's NOT my job to convince people of the Truth; in fact, *I* can't do that. Only God can....I can certainly talk and try to live my walk, but I can't make anyone decide to live a Torah-obidient (or even a Christ-following) life. I'm OK with that - but some people aren't.

And I have a problem with it. How am I to know that a person isn't at the cusp of making a decision...but because I got pissy that they didn't make up their minds fast enough (whatever THAT means) I drove them away? I don't.....and frankly, I don't want to live with the thought that maybe *I* put a stumbling block in front of someone. (Yet I see that in the local churches all the time. It's....sad. Way to represent the God you claim to follow!)(God certainly didn't give up on me when I was angry and complaining about my 1st DH's death...He patiently stood there waiting for me to tell Him I knew He wasn't involved in the death, but He WAS helping me get thru it...and the nightmare that followed. I KNOW who my Savior is, I KNOW what He's done for me, and.....I need to do my best to represent Him properly.)

(Of course, I also have a problem with people who say "Oh, my kids don't need to think about the future, because Jesus is coming soon!" or "Oh, we don't *really* need to do school, because Jesus is coming soon, and it doesn't matter." :blink: (Yup, seen that. Scary, isn't it? And's pervasive among some denominations around here. :sigh: Way to give other homeschoolers a bad name!) I feel that God called me to teach my kids...and I really don't want to face Him and have to say, "Oh, no, I didn't think Science/History/Math/whatever was important, because I knew You were coming soon!" I kinda don't think that'd go over well, do you?)

And NO, none of this is directed at anybody I know personally. This has just been building up and I needed to dump it. (Sorry! :wink:)


I'm almost at the heel of sock #1. I have 3 project bags filled with socks-to-be, so that when I finish this one I'm already ready to go on the next set (a pair for Herself). I'm toying with the idea of getting together 5 more for a "Sock of the Month" club (well, Sock of the 2-Months Club, at my rate of knitting :lol:)...we'll see. Most of my postponed projects are bagged now......Now I just need to Knit them up. :rofl:

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