Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

This has been a VERY expensive month....

what with the Septic/aunt's A/C/Septic...and now our little Wookie-goat is in surgery. :sigh:

Last night Himself ran up to tell me that Wookie (real name: Archer) (he's Cashmere) was acting funny; he wasn't running away from him, he was just standing there. I went out to look him over - he was trying to pee, but couldn't.

I immediately thought "stone!" and - sorry - mentally wrote him off. I gave him Banamine and got Herself to help me try to massage the stone dice. SG and I discussed it, but - we're BROKE, we'll be broke for the next few months (see first sentence, above).....and I really don't know what the vet would charge.

This AM, Wookie was still alive, slightly more active (not really comforting - I'm thinking burst bladder) SG called the vet and set up a Care Credit line. I took him in.....and totally perplexed our vet. (He's a small-animal vet, but is willing to look at OUR goats, because I'm not crazy. I don't expect him to go into the herd to treat 1 goat, I realize he's not a goat expert, and I'm willing to let him learn on our goats). He poked and prodded...tentatively agreed with my diagnosis, and called in Granpa. :lol: (Granpa is a retired ALL-animal vet, who likes to help out.)

Granpa came, asked why anyone would try to save a young goat (when told it was a Cashmere goat, and it's fiber was worth it's weight in gold, he said "OH! Fiber. Got it. OK, let's do this.)(I love Granpa, if you can't tell) He looked, agreed it was a stone ("I can FEEL it. That's what you felt. It's a stone.") and that it needed surgery. I blanched, he said "Well, we can get it, but we gotta trank him.....and his bladder may be burst" at which point I had a mild freak-out, and said "Oh, no - darn. Guess we need to put..." and he interrupted with "NO - I can FIX that. I'll have to re-route the plumbing; he'll pee like a girl, but he's got really good odds here." :whew:

So. Wookie-goat is currently being operated on. I asked if I could watch - why not? I might learn something! - but our vet said he'd prefer not. IF he'd done this before, than sure, but since he didn't know what he was doing he'd feel better if he didn't have an audience. Fair enough. (I told him I knew I couldn't fix this at home, but at least I'd have an idea of what was going on.)

Looks like I may have a goat in my house again soon. :lol: He's cute, and he's got the finest fiber I've felt in a long while,'s worth it. He'll probably be one of the most expensive goats we own......(although our vet asked me if $100 was all right. Um, Yes? I was - and still am, honestly - expecting it to be quite a bit more.)

ETA Vet called; Wookie is doing great! Praise the Lord for that! They re-routed the plumbing (he told me what he did, but I don't speak Vet. Much.), and he'll need to be indoors for a few days, until we're sure he's peeing OK. We get to use ointment on him daily, and probably give shots (not sure on that, but it makes sense to me that he'll need antibiotics.) I get to go pick him up at 4, and I'll let his mama and twin see him before hauling him to the house.

Would I do this again? Honestly? Not for anything except a Cashmere, unless the buckling was really worth it. MOST of our Nubian/Alpine bucklings.....aren't worth it, to me - we don't NEED them; if I can't sell them we'll have to freeze them. The Cashmere wethers, though - yes, they're worth it, because the fiber is the whole purpose of them.

I've been doing research...I need to add some Ammoniam (sp?) Chloride to the buck's diet, and reduce the amount of feed we're giving them. Hopefully, this'll prevent this from happening again. :fingers crossed:

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