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Wookiee-goat is doing well - better than I expected, honestly. We got him home at 5:00 Monday, and I plopped him in the waiting playpen with a wee bit of feed (All-Stock; not the best feed, but it's what we can afford. Up to 2 months ago, I was cutting it with alfalfa pellets...but SG declared it too expensive. Yeah, um, about that.....) and water, and let him be. At 6 he was nibbling feed, so I went and finally sat down.

At 7, SG went into the bathroom, and started yelling. Seems Wookiee was feeling well enough to jump OUT of the playpen, into the bathtub...then OUT of the bathtub and into the bathroom proper. It looked like a murder scene in there....but he was fine. Pissed off at the service, and complaining about the "spa", but fine. We removed the playpen - why bother when he can just jump out of it? - and cleaned the room and put towels down. Then I shut off the light (but left the nightlight on for him), and we went to bed.

And he started complaining. Loudly. Right at the door. :sigh: I finally went and got his twin (and some hay), and plopped both in the bathroom. Ah, the sweet sound of (mostly) silence!

I got up yesterday morning (it was a work-day), and went into the bathroom. I expected a mess...but NOT what I found. OMGoodness, the mess 2 adolescent goats can make in 8 hours! The tub was a DISASTER, so I grabbed my clothes and ran to the kids' bathroom.....I didn't have the time to do anything else.

SG had taken the day off, so he got to sterilize the bathroom...I don't envy him that. (It was NASTY.) I grabbed some shavings on the way home, and the kids cleaned out the kidding area and moved Wookiee, twin, and Saffron (their mom) into it. All 3 are doing well, and quite happy to be reunited. *I* am glad I have my bathroom back, and that Wookiee is doing well.

Ali, our water situation here is....odd. I had a lot of help when I had this house built - the water lines were run (free) when the Septic was put in (at cost - I didn't have to pay for labour. I am STILL grateful for that!). To save time, what they did was run the line from the meter into the house...and then they tied the animal lines into one of the outside spigots. In short, ALL the water on the property (except, of course, for the creek and pond) runs thru the whole-house filter and the softener. (I think I have the only animals in the county that get to drink filtered and softened water!) I'm 99% positive the feed is the culprit here - and I'd been warning SG about this for a LONG time (since we switched from dedicated sheep & goat feed to the All-Stock 2 years ago, in fact.) There's no way we can switch back, though - the S&G feed is $18/bag while the All-Stock we're currently feeding is $8.45/bag. NOBODY is buying goats right we either buy the "wrong" feed and do what we can to minimize the dangers, or we slaughter a lot of the flock. :sigh: Alfalfa is $15/40 lb SG has been trying to save $$$ by only buying enough for my current milkers. *I* have put my foot down - he agrees that it'll be cheaper in the long run to go back to feeding 50/50 alfalfa/ at least *that's* good. (I have other issues with the All-Stock, but we just can't afford to feed the horses a complete feed, the goats a S&G feed, plus the I agreed to the cheaper feed.)

We are going to be holding off on banding the bucklings, though - these were banded at 5 weeks old....we'll wait until at least 4 months from now on. I did them then so they could stay in the doe pen.....from now on we'll isolate the wethers-to-be with the bucklings until they're banded and "done". :sigh:

At least this learning experience has had a happy ending. And wasn't too expensive (I know my vet way under-charged me, and I expect he'll charge a more realistic fee next time - should there be one. I'm OK with that - because he's at least willing to TRY to save my goats, unlike the other vet we have out here......)

Today is orthodontist day, and grocery shopping. We did school Sunday/Monday, and I rescheduled today's work to Tuesday (Monday) and we're still on track. Gotta skitter!

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