Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I swear....I'd cry if I wasn't laughing....

Cheesemaking is dangerous, yo.

Today I needed to wax a wheel of cheddar. I fired up the crockpot the wax lives in, then went on my merry way. I remembered it 2 hours later; grabbed the cheese and proceeded to start waxing. Until the wheel slipped...and I dunked 2 pounds of cheese in the wax from a height of 6".

Thank GOD I wear glasses. Also Thank Him that today was PJ day, and I was wearing only a shirt (and PJ bottoms - the kids ARE home!).....because 75% of the hot wax that was in the pot ended up on my face, my shirt, the floor, the stovetop, the ceiling, the counter, the cabinet, and the backsplash.

I have a 2nd degree burn on my face, above my left eye. My glasses - thank GOD! - took the brunt (from now on, I do NOT wax the cheese. IF I do, I will wear a full-face protective mask. Just....just because this was way too close for comfort.) I have a small 2nd degree burn on my right thumb, and numerous 1st degree burns on my arms and...girls. And wax in my the BACK.

I think the cheese is salvageable - and I'll heal. But cleaning? Just got shoved OFF the map...we have to dig the kitchen out from under the wax, first...and that's gonna take a while. There was about 8 pounds of wax in the crock when it there's maybe 1 pound. :sigh:

At least the ER docs got a laugh out of it......because, come on - I am ALWAYS in there with odd stories. (Gotta laugh....find the humor in everything. No sense crying, right?) They sent me home with 2 types of cream, and a "prescription" for booze (since I can't take any pain meds. :Sigh:) Still, no permanent damage done. But no more waxing for me!

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