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I love my husband....


Previous Entry I love my husband.... Sep. 1st, 2013 @ 03:14 pm Next Entry
Of course I do. But he can be an ass sometimes......

I didn't realize he was going to leave work Thursday right after I texted him....he met us as we were leaving the ER. He was TOTALLY an ass about things...to the point that I was in tears. I didn't realize until Friday AM that it was because he was totally worried about me.......

Anyway. A year or so ago someone on the Dairy Goat forum mentioned using a Vacuum Sealer to protect their cheese instead of wax. We talked about it, laughed, and went on - we had a crock pot for melting the wax, and wax is cheap - food sealers are not. Friday I spent some time looking at Food Savers....and I found one on CL for really really cheap. I sent SG a copy of the ad, but Mr. Sarcastic Ass said No. :shrug:

Saturday, we were out running around, and he asked if I had contacted the seller....um, no? Because you said No? Anyway, I emailed, the seller called, and we went on a road trip today. $50 for a Food Saver Professional II with 3 canister sets, 3 almost full boxes of bags, and a partial roll of cut your own bags. And SG used HIS gas to go get it (1.5 hours away.....and we took the scenic route home. :lol:

No more hot wax for me! AND he brought home a Swiffer steam mop that got ALL the wax up off the floor (the kitchen no longer looks like a slaughter house; we still need to steam the wax off the walls and ceiling and cabinets, but the floor looks fantastic!) :happy sigh:

My burns are healing well. My thumb is healed; I have 1 spot on the back of my hand that's healing, and my face is slowly reverting to normal. It could have been so much worse!

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