Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Today, we started Biology....

and, wonder of wonders! My Apologia Biology Microscope Lab set arrived. Talk about great timing! (Not that we need it yet - but I'm glad I have it on hand, ready to go.) I'm looking forward to this year's Science.....and.

And, the Perot is hosting "Animals Inside Out" later this month, and I was able to snag some Member's Only Preview tickets! Himself isn't sure how he feels about it, beats dissection all to bits. :lol: (I promised him no dissection labs - on real animals, that is. I have Virtual Frog, and I've got some sites bookmarked with other virtual labs, and we'll be doing those. He's OK with the microscope labs...Herself is upset we WON'T be dissecting anything, but she'll get over it. I told her she can autopsy critters that die here....we'll see if she actually takes me up on that.)

SG also took us to Half Price this weekend.....and, um.....I scored "Shakespeare's Star Wars". Yes, yes it IS Star Wars, written in iambic pentameter! :lol: I am hoping someone will actually stage this - I will gladly pay full price for a recording of it! ("O, help me Obi Wan Kenobi, help. Thou art mine only hope.")("Nay, I do not believe he liketh thee.") :lol: We're talking about reading it while playing the movie in the background, just because. :snicker:

Another thing I've discovered - Horrible Histories. IF you have a history nerd, or if you have a history disliker, you might want to check these out. They're British, and they cover the "horrible" parts of History - like, the Egyptians removed brains thru the corpses' noses, or that Saxons used poo for all sorts of things, etc. The gory, the gross, the weird - that's what this is, and it's hysterical. We've started watching 1 episode as a transition between the kids' free time and school - they settle down for "real" school quicker now, and they're *learning*. (Try ye olde U-toob. Mis-spelling intentional - I've found entire eps. on can't buy them here in the colonies, unless you have iTunes....and $23/season is a bit steep for my budget right now. Free works for us! Not sure how c/w covers these - they are educational, which should be exempt....but I'm not sure.)

I need to try out the food sealer.....the cheddar from last week *really* needs to be put up to age. I just haven't really wanted to deal with it...but I need to. At least I can't maim myself with this!

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