Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Life's been good!

My burns are almost completely healed, all our injured critters are healing well, and life's just been good. Hope the rest of this year is as good as the past few days have been!

The Lord's had me working on *me*, lately. The whole house-cleaning thing was a bust this year....but He's been working, and it's all good.

We went out and about yesterday, and SG scored some fabric for recovering our kitchen chairs. Now he has NO excuse to not work on them - I'm tired of sitting in folding chairs! :lol:

My socks are *done*, and Herself's are started. This is Hanukkah prezzie #3, so I have time, but I want to knock them out (prezzie #1 is her own website; I've already purchased the domain name and got a front page whacked together on Weebly; # 2 is a project bag using dragon fabric. Cute!) I need to finish SG's chullo, AND get a hat started for Himself (he's a problem; I don't know WHAT to do for him for Hanukkah. He's said Legos are he's probably going to get a bunch of Lego Star Wars sets.). Fun stuff! (I love it - knitting is soothing and keeps me occupied while letting my mind work on stuff. I like having a bunch of projects planned.)

And....I'm going to get back to basics. See the title of my blog? See the "Fiber Fumblings" part? Yeah. I've been.....staying quiet, for the most part, on my stuff because...well, because of other people. No more - if it's good enough for the Proverbs 31 woman, it's good enough for *me* - and heck, I'm doing SOMETHING all the time. It's hard to NOT blather on about it - and I was stifling it. :sigh: Not any more......yes, I'll even be talking about my sewing adventures (among my weaving/spinning/knitting/tatting/bobbin lacemaking ones.) It's what I *do*, and honestly - if we're supposed to be prepping, shouldn't we ALSO be practicing skills that will be needed? I mean....some hobbies are fun, but aren't really *useful*, y'know? At least the stuff I do has the Virtuous Wife's approval! :silly grin:

No, it won't be all crafts, all the time, but I will mention them as I do them.

In fact, I need to mention the top fail ('80's "swing" top pattern; WAY to unstructured for my shape. I wasted *2.5* yards of fabric on it - a SLEEVELESS top. I ended up with a nice tank....but I lost a LOT of fabric trying to salvage it. Live and learn!), my pants fail (2 pairs; the first I cut to the pattern...they fit, but are tighter in the seat than I prefer. Pair #2 fit, but the fabric choice is....not the best. Cotton, yes - but in a very very busy steam-punky print. Too busy for pants - they're fine for lounging around the house, but NOT for public wear.). Ah, well - I'll get there. (Oh, and fashion-conscious I am NOT. I don't care what's "in style", I want comfortable and easy care. I'm a bohemian at heart....and am working on getting clothes that FIT and that *I* like. Fit is the key - I'm all hips and seat, and I can NOT find pants that fit me like they're supposed to.)

Once I get the fit right, I will be saving money - cotton fabric's cheap, pants that fit me aren't. :shrug: Same thing with hand-knit socks; yes, a pair'll cost $15 or so, BUT they LAST. (And fit!) I am just now having to toss some of my first knit socks - they're *13* years old!!! How many commercial socks will last 13 years? (And I ONLY wear hand-knits; I have 3 pairs of "slipper" socks that get worn around the house in the chilly mornings, until I've taken my shower. Otherwise, it's all handknits, all the time.)

Speaking of, I need to get back to the current socks. Laters!

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