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And now, for your viewing pleasure:

Pictures! I finally got around to downloading the camera; I have updated my webpages, but the server won't let me upload them, they are. Some of them, anyway. (There were too many for me to upload all of them *here*. I don't want to bog down my Photobucket these'll have to do. For now.)

Alden Amos Squirrel-cage Swift Alden Amos Squirrel-cage Swift

Here's a photo of my AA swift. Walnut...mmmmmmmmmmm. Walnut. The picture doesn't show how smooth and perfect the finish is, or how smoothly it works. It is a beautiful tool!

AA Swift - close up of cage AA Swift - close up of cage

Close-up of the end of the cage part. He even hid all the screws!

DIY Dishtowels DIY Dishtowels

My next warp, on the warping reel. The reel speeds things up tremendously, and puts NO strain on my wrist at all. This will be (another) set of dishtowels - 8/2 cotton, sett at 20 epi.

Handwoven scarf Handwoven scarf

Remember the blue Shetland Yarn I posted a while back? Here it is, all woven up. The natural yarn is also Shetland, used as warp. The pattern is "Rambling Rose" from Davison's Pattern Book.

Shetland cap Shetland cap

I had a bunch of yarn left over, so I decided to make a matching hat. It's my first attempt at fairisle......I think it turned out pretty well!
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