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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Mid-week Rambllings...

1. SG bought a new car this weekend - a 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid. In RED. Not just red - this thing is RED. :lol: Long story to the acquistion - but God's Hand was in it. (I was OK with it - he drives 120+ miles every day, and his truck gets - on a GOOD day - 20 MPG. This thing? 35 MPG - so far. If I did the math right, he'll be saving over $100/month, even WITH the car payment.)

2. The Affordable Healthcare Act isn't. Turbo Tax has a rate finder (and it wasn't swamped yesterday!), so for fun I went and put in our info. Granted, I only used SG's income (because as your income goes up, so do your rates.....and I wanted to see the lowest cost scenario.)....but. Our family of 4, on his income, would have to pay $502/month for the LOWEST cost-coverage (AFTER $840-something in FEDERAL subsidies - wait, isn't our gov't broke? are all these subsidies going to be paid???). IF I understand things right, the lowest coverage = only 60% covered, the other 40% is out-of-pocket. And I can't see where prescriptions are, for %502/month (which is MORE than my car payment, and almost as much as my mortgage payment!) we get.....very little actual coverage. Right.....and this is affordable, HOW?

2a. I am fully aware of how much insurance actually costs. When DH1 was killed, I had to scramble to get coverage for the kids and I. At that time (7/2002), the CHEAPEST coverage for the 3 of us was $1,200/month - for the bottom of the coverage list. Mr. Boss said that was CRAZY, and immediately put the 3 of us on the company policy (Cyn's DH was already on it, and Mr. Boss said it was only fair to add the kids)....when Mrs. Boss cancelled the policy a few years ago, it was $1,750/month for the 3 of us. WAY out of reach for someone who was only making $1,900/month in NET pay. :shakes head: So....yeah, $500/month isn't *bad*, per se, but it's still not affordable in any way, shape or form for us. (Before anyone points to the new car payment - my Jeep will be paid off in December, and we are currently all on SG's work policy - for less than $300/month. For AWESOME coverage that includes dental/eye/mental health/prescriptions. The dental policy, in fact, is the best I've ever seen - makes sense, because of who he works for, but still - it's not bargain-basement! If he lost our insurance, we'd be in a pickle - because the $300 only covers the 3 of us; he's "free".)

3. Almost done with the 2nd set of motifs on SG's hat. Finally! I.....hate the yarns I'm using, I'm sick of his hat, and I want to do something...well, more FUN. :lol: Himself's hat is up next...all geometric motifs, which will be fast to knit (no counting! Easy-peasy!), in a worsted-weight yarn. Should be a relatively fast knit - good thing, since Hanukkah is early this year (Nov. 28, if I'm remembering correctly. ACK! I gotta get cracking!)

4. The biggest hit of our HS year (so far!) is Horrible Histories. Not only do the kids love it, but SG has been watching them in the evenings, too. This is HUGE - he's not a History lover at *all*. :happy dance:

Today is Orthodontist-day, so I gotta go gather stuff up. I think Herself has decided she wants to do her brackets in Orange, Black, and Glow-in-the-dark for October. :giggle: Why not?

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