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Ever had one of those days?

I knew it wasn't going to be good when Himself woke himself up with a major coughing fit. He's been coughing off and on for a week (this time) and it's been getting steadily worse, so I gave him a nebi treatment (Xopenex and Pulmicort, for those who want to play along), fixed breakfast, and did the Sunday-morning-get-ready-for-church thing.

He coughed all the way to church. Hmmmmmmmm. The nursery attendant is a retired nurse - she wasn't concerned, but told me to keep an eye on him. We stopped for lunch (a mistake, as you'll see later) and he didn't eat anything. I chalked it up to the candy he got in the nursery, and we went home for naps.

15 minutes later, we were headed to the ER. He had a coughing spree that lasted 5 minutes and he told me his whole body was hurting - and he was Whiney. He is NEVER whiney unless it's something off we went.

Since the local hospital is only 2 miles away, I decided to go there instead of into Dallas to Children's (a good 35 minute trip on a good day). They are OK...not the best, but they checked him out pretty good, especially when they heard his history. (Asthma from 6 months; pneumonia 6 times before his 2nd b-day, bi-annual trips to the hospital up to his 4th b-day......yeah, he's been around.)

3 hours later, we have a diagnosis: bronchitis. Better than I had feared - his lungs are clear, clear, clear!! - but his nose is all stuffed. They gave him a shot of prednisolone, and a prescription for same. All of that for a $100 co-pay (which is why the restaurant was a bad idea...*sigh*)

He's bouncing around now - steroids do that to him, so I broke my stand and he is ensconced in front of the TV. (Star Wars Droids cartoons......urk, but he's sitting quietly, per the doctor's orders.) We are well supplied with all the other SW stuff (except for Ep. III, but I am on Amazon's list.....have it, we will!) so we're good to go.

I'm hoping to spend tomorrow threading heddles (that was the plan for today, but it got sidetracked). Then I can beam the warp, and be ready to start the dishtowels when my doc gives me the go-ahead (or on my own if I get antsy enough. Any bets on which it'll be??)
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