Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

My son...

has thrown me for a loop. He's designed his hat, right? - and I've been pretty much faithfully following his directions. So far, he's happy with what's on the needles...but then.

This AM, I asked him about the very top of the hat - you know, the part where the hat gets smaller and finally closes up at the tip-top of your head? He hadn't graphed that part out; since I am on the last row of the last pattern, I figured I'd better get the top pinned down so I could finish up (I had planned on taking progress shots, to show how I got from the design to the finished hat, knit up too quickly. I just started it for reals on Monday, and did NO knitting yesterday...and yet, I'm almost ready to start the crown decreases. :wow:).

He looked at what I had knit, he thought a minute, and said "I want an 8-pointed star, in 4 colors. Start with....say, black, then yellow, then white, then blue - but it MUST be 8-pointed." Um. OK....

I am NOT an expert knitter, just an enthusiastic, fearless Intermediate one. I like colorwork, but it's not my love (that would be cable-work; I LOVE working cables. So. Much. FUN!) - and I've never done a multi-color hat-top decrease. Single color? Sure! Stripes? You betcha! But this? Um.....I'm not sure where to begin - it's not the decreases themselves, I can figure those out - it's WHERE to do the color changes so I get a star-shape instead of an octogonal stripe-set. I don't have the skills for that.....and, while I *could* just grab the yarn and start attempting it, I really don't want to do a lot of frogging and re-knitting - the yarn will degrade and make the top of the hat look bad. :sigh:

I hit my bookshelves...I found a LOT of 7-point stars, but he's adamant - it MUST be 8-pointed. So I hit Ravelry...after a 25 minute search, I found a pattern (not for free, naturally!) that'll work...and he said "Wait - I don't want you to have to PAY for it...maybe I need to...I dunno, I really want an 8-pointed star....but..." I sighed, and said "Look, it's only $5, and I can use the shaping on something else. I've already got 25 minutes invested - this'll make your hat go faster. Yes, I *could* try and figure it out myself, but I'd honestly rather pay someone who's already DONE the math for me." And this pattern has the EXACT colorwork he's thinking of - a star within a star within a star within a star. *I* won't have to do anything except jiggle to numbers to fit what I've got, and change the colors to match what I'm already using. Both of which are EASY to do.

So....I'll be downloading the pattern later today, and hopefully his hat will be finished tonight/tomorrow. Then I get to start on a kippah - thanks for the idea, Ali! :wink: *That'll* go pretty fast - the motif is only 18 stitches, and kippot aren't that much knitting anyway. Can't wait!!

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