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Ever wanted to punch out

the ER doc?

See, Himself isn't any better. This is bad. He is spending a week with G'ma for VBS, then he comes home for Herself's B-day party, then we're off to the beach for 4 days. He's GOT to get better......we're going to the beach no matter what, and I'd like him to be able to enjoy it.

So, today we went to the pediatrician. Dr. J. has been with us since Herself was born, so he knows Himself's history. He took one look at him and said "Sinus Infection, I bet." Looked up the nose, and yup - major ickies going on. Been there for a while. NO Bronchitis.

So, basically, I spent $100 at the ER, + $30 on the Prednisolone, for NOTHING. He didn't NEED the steroid at all......Dr. J. tried to make me feel better - "Well, at least his lungs are clear. I guess the Orapred helped." Ummmmmm...yeah. I just *love* giving my 5 year old steroids that he doesn't need that hop him up and make him nuts.

We now have a lovely antibiotic ($10). So, total for today = $30. *sigh*

I swear, if the ER tries to bill me more, I will argue them into the ground. Stupid idiots. *grumble*

At least I got to nap a bit today........after locking my keys in the van. Thankfully, my friend has a spare, and lives a few minutes from the pharmacy I decided to use this AM (one I *never* use, but close to the doctor. Good luck, that!)
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