Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's a brand new week....

and, once again, FA's office staff aren't doing their jobs. Not my problem....but he said "oh, you can just come in Wednesday instead". Um, no. No can-do, and No will-do. IF they don't have the stuff to me by tomorrow 2-ish (because I'm not a total hard-a$$ on this - I'll give 'em a little leeway, but the office closes at 4, and I figure I don't have to work past 4 either), his invoicing won't be done until NEXT week. :sigh:

Anyway. Fingerless glove #1 is DONE, and I'm about half-way thru the knotwork cuff on #2. This is fun knitting, and it's fast - for me! - because it's JUST knitting; no fancy stitches, no lace, just knit every stitch. Color changes are easy. I've already got plans for another set (because I'll have enough yarn left over - might as well use it!) AND I've got plans for SG's Auntie's b-day prezzie (but I need red yarn for hers.). And maybe a few other gifts, as well - Herself found a pattern for Alef Tav mitts....:lol:

We cleaned the Music/Game room yesterday - oy! What a mess! It's now tidy and put (mostly) back together. I found a set of Math books that need to be sent out - sorry! I put them in the chair, and they got covered by a sheep :face palm: (A stuffed sheep, not wool. Although that wouldn't have been surprising, here. :lol:) I also found *another* UFO :sigh: and some loose yarn. I swear, it breeds - I don't remember this stuff. (And it's mine, because it's not acrylic.) We also set the oven to self-clean, and almost burned up the microwave - for some reason, the interior of the microwave got hot enough to MELT the potato chip bags and to BURN the cake that was in there (don't ask - well, you can. We have large dogs. We have to put the stuff somewhere they can't reach - and the top of the fridge is full. So, the microwave becomes a "pantry" of sorts.) :sigh: I think it's just about time to replace it.....:big sigh:

Ah, well - back to knitting. And movies - we're working our way thru the Clone Wars cartoons. Fun stuff! (I love Star Wars. The cartoons, not so much, but the stories are still in the 'verse, and my favorite characters are in them (Yoda and young Obi-Wan.))

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