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Good Morning!


Previous Entry Good Morning! Nov. 4th, 2013 @ 08:42 am Next Entry
We've had rain - Praise the Lord!, and it is glorious! Chilly, but hey - Rain!

Let's see - this weekend we replaced the kitchen light. Finally. This was the original fixture - from 2003. Same bulbs, even - the fluorescent bulbs were finally getting dim. We now have a pretty, 5-light decorative fixture (with halogen LED bulbs) that is BRIGHT. In fact, we're already calling it the "spotlight", because.....seriously. You could just about land a plane with it, it's so bright. :snicker: I think lower-wattage bulbs are in our future - these are 50-watt, and....BRIGHT.

I finished my mitts Friday evening. Yes, pics will be forthcoming - I'm trying not to spam y'all. :lol: I started Auntie's hat yesterday.....well, actually, I started it Saturday evening. Here's the deal....I usually have no problem getting gauge in my knitting. I might not be spot-on, but I'm usually close enough that it works. This hat? Um. On size 2's (it called for size 1's), the ribbing was 2" too large. (On 1's it would have been *worse*). On 3's, I'm spot-on, but it's flimsy.....so the body of the hat is being completely stranded. The solid-color areas I'm knitting from both ends of the ball - and I'm getting a nice, solid, warm fabric. I think I'll end up folding the ribbing in half and stitching it down..but we'll see. Of course, all this "experimenting" required an "emergency" trip to JoAnn's to try and score a 16" size 3 circular needle. I KNOW I have a bunch around here somewhere - but I can't find them. They're not in my holder......:grumble: At least JoAnn's had one (and a size 2 16", for just in case) AND I had a few coupons. :sigh: Still....all that knitting time, lost. :lol:

Speaking of balls, my ball-winder has gone wonky. Instead of winding nice, lovely, balanced yarn balls, it's winding wonky, skewed, parallelograms. Bizarre. Neither SG nor I can figure it out - I think I need to shoot off an e-mail to the company (Strauch; used to be Fricke. It's the lovely large ball winder....LOVE it, when it works!) This is causing a few problems with knitting....:sigh:

This is supposed to be a work-week, but.....guess what? I haven't received all the stuff yet. :sigh: I really wish they'd get their act together!

It's almost time to start school - laters!

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