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Let's yesterday happened. I got the stuff at 11:30 Monday, and - SURPRISE! - EVERYTHING was correct for once!!! I was out of the office by 11:15!!!!

Bad news: Mrs. Boss is back in the hospital. She came to the office yesterday - she looked tired; both FA and I told her to NOT stay until 4. I suggested that 3 would be better (because how dare I tell her what to do, right?) because of traffic; he told her she was silly to even come in at all. (But...Cyn wasn't there - she's sick - so, y'know, she had to come in because I was there. :scratches head:) Anyway, sometime yesterday she started feeling bad, so her DIL (who happens to be a well-regarded doctor, thank the Lord!) - who happened to be there - took her vitals and called the paramedics. I haven't heard anything else....

Anyway. Rain has been happening. So has knitting. :grin: I'll spare you the gritty details - they're on my Ravelry page (hope that links correctly - my user name is fiber-addict) to spare y'all. The current project is the "curiosity" hat in red and black. It's going pretty quickly - I'm almost done with the color patterning part! I'm knocking out the present list as fast as my finger's'll fly......

Ali, we use bobby-pins. Right now, Himself's hair is so long/full that he can jam his kippah in amongst the curls and it stays, but when it's trimmed I drag out the bobby pins again. Also, I suck - I NEED to watch the vids, I just....haven't. :sigh: I have the drive next to my laptop.....I'll try tomorrow.

Need to get back to the hat......

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