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Praise the Lord for Goat's Milk!!!!!

Himself had an Orthodontist evaluation today. Wait - I need to back up a bit, first....

He's always had "bad" teeth. Soft, porous, prone to cracks - when he was 5 or 6 he had to have a broken tooth surgically extracted, and I have only been able to get him into a dental chair once since then. (I know, bad mom - but when a kid is having a panic attack and total melt-down, what do you do? I gave up - it honestly wasn't worth the trauma, y'know?) So, I've been a bit worried about what we'd find today.

Now, about 6 years or so ago we got the goats, and started drinking raw milk. I had *heard* that raw milk is a miracle-working beverage, but.....come on, it's just milk, right? I had read a few articles about how it fixed "bad" teeth....but, really - how do the people know it was the milk, and not better brushing habits/better water/diet/whatever? Anyway.....

The ortho told me that Himself has *great* teeth. (!!???!!!!!!) He has an "almost" underbite, and on the right side his top teeth are 1 full tooth off; the left side (the side the extraction was done on) is off about 1/2 tooth. The right side is sort of....."bumpy road" is the best way I can describe it - his teeth sort of curve down a bit in the middle of them. The roots look great, the teeth themselves are *great* (again, !!????!!!!!!) and he (the ortho) thinks he can fix it in 24 months without surgery OR appliances. :whew!: (Mainly because he's still growing - 13 is the "perfect" age for this, according to the ortho. He's got all his permanent teeth, and there's a really good chance his jaw will keep growing, preventing any need for surgery.)

Let me tell you, our diet hasn't changed that much - yes, I've cut out a lot of the processed foods, but we still eat some. We still eat out. We've never done a lot of sodas or candy. The only *real* thing that has changed is that we drink RAW goat's milk. Did it "fix" his teeth? I have to say....Yes. Yes, it did. And Thank GOD for it!

We go back on Dec. 4 for his braces. We get a family discount alongside the insurance, and I'll only owe $90/month for him. :whew!: LOTS better than I had feared!

Himself is a little nervous, but he says he likes this office, and he's OK with the idea of braces. It helps that I've drug him back to Herself's appointments each time - he's had time to acclimate himself to the idea. *I'm* glad we can do this now, while we have dental coverage (damn GOOD coverage, too! Both kids' braces were quoted at $5500-ish; thanks to the insurance/discounts, both are only costing me $2,000 out of pocket/each. Still not cheap....but not as expensive as some.) I'm also glad we have an ortho nearby....makes things easier.

So. I heartily recommend raw goat's milk. I am pretty convinced that it "fixed" Himself's "bad" teeth.

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