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Real Quick....


Previous Entry Real Quick.... Nov. 14th, 2013 @ 10:05 am Next Entry
The Owl Mitts are DONE. Finished this AM - should have been yesterday, but after the ortho appointment I sat down.....and found a mistake 6 rounds back. On 1 freaking needle. :sigh: Had to rip back and re-knit; I tried to drop the stitches and fix it that way, but it looked too messy. Ah, well - they are DONE now; they've been steam-blocked and are drying. Photos will be forthcoming.

I cast on a set of mitts for me - these are the "Alef Tav" mitts (Ravelry link). While I'm not really sure of her Scriptural "proof", I like the thought - these will be my "Shabbat" gloves. :lol: (Maybe....I'm thinking about re-charting the Hebrew to say Shema. We'll see....I have time to noodle over it.)

We got a bit of a shock yesterday.....seems that the County is putting in a bypass 2 fields over from us, and a developer is purchasing the field right NEXT door. :sigh: I'm already a little upset that I was told that Wal-Mart was going in on the freeway side of the empty land...instead, it's RIGHT at the street leading to our street. And the city is threatening to move it's boundaries to include *us*....I don't LIKE this. I don't WANT people near me and my critters. :sigh: (It was apparently a surprise to our neighbors, as well - they actually pay attention to what goes on out here. Me? Not so much - I just want to be left alone, you know? The first they heard of it was when the surveyors came out next door yesterday. :sigh:)

The Lord put me here for a reason.....I don't want to move, but if He wants me to, I'm on board. I've had a chat with Him - if He wants us to move, He's going to have to provide a new home, AND the financing to purchase it with. :big sigh: The thought of moving all the critters leaves me in a mild state of panic.....but I know that He's got it under control. (It doesn't help that I HATE change. HATE it. It was hard moving *here*......the thought of moving again? Ugh.)

Ah, well. No sense in worrying about something out of my control. I have Geography to tend to - Laters!!

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