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Um. Well. THAT'S interesting....


Previous Entry Um. Well. THAT'S interesting.... Nov. 15th, 2013 @ 04:13 pm Next Entry
Um. Err.... you know how I started the Alef Tav mitts yesterday morning? Well.....in about 6 hours of knitting time, they're....um....FINISHED. Seriously......I bound off the thumb of #2 around 3:30 this afternoon. :blink:

VERY fast to knit, very easy, well-written charts. I definitely want to do these again - but maybe spread it out a bit. :lol:

No photos yet - it's blocking right now, and I have to get Shabbat dinner started, but :huzzah!: They're DONE!!!!!!

Yes, I DID knit during a Biology test today, and Horrible Histories. And Brave. :lol:

Hope y'all have a great Shabbat!

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