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Busy weekend....

Moreso than usual. But first, thank you for your sympathy. Snips was...well, she was the benevolent canine dictator that ruled the farm with an iron paw. We know this - now! - because the other dogs have just gone to pot without her - Bree was ON THE BED yesterday afternoon. :shakes head: This NEVER would have happened before, because Snips RULED the bed. :weak snicker: And both Kenzie and Bree are trying to sneak up on the leather couches......:sigh:

Anyway....on the way home Thursday evening/Friday morning, SG and I discussed our weekend plans. We had planned for about 6 weeks to go to the Heritage Homestead Fair, and we decided we needed to go. I'm glad we did - we all had fun!

Confession: when SG first sent me the link, I was all dubious - I mean, why go? Why go spend money on stuff we already do, now? He wanted to do the Beekeeping and Woodworking seminars, so I poured over the craft list and decided that I wanted to learn to make a basket, so....sure, let's go. (That sounds odd, but I have 2 kids that don't mix well with others, and this is kind of off the radar as far as they go. IF I could find stuff they'd be interested in, as well as me, we'd be OK. By playing up the "but *I* want to learn basketmaking!", I could get them to look at stuff, too.)

So, we went. I packed my knitting (of course- I never leave home without it); but I packed the sweater instead of a sock. 2-needles don't draw as much attention as 4, and I didn't want to take away from the classes. We had a blast - Herself and I made small baskets, Himself and Herself made salt-water taffy, we all made candles, and SG got to see his seminars. (I do have pictures, but haven't uploaded them yet. I'll do that later!)

I ended up buying a Market Basket kit (4.5 hours of semi-fun; I have a basket! It's wonky, and kinda....slope-y on top, but it's usable and *I* made it!) and a felted oven mitt (which led to an "Ah-HA!" moment; I have a policy of not buying stuff I can make better.....and Tigger has eaten most of my potholders. I burned myself Thursday, and had decided to just go out and buy cheap oven mitts....then I saw this. Doh! I have TONS of lumpy-bumpy demo yarn....I can easily knit an oversized mitt and felt it down. I never thought of it myself.....:smacks head:). Herself wants to find more basket kits to do, and Himself is slightly intrigued by the thought of making taffy here at home.

It was fun, and just what we needed. We had thought we'd spend a few hours there....8 hours later we had to drag ourselves away. Most of the stuff wasn't of interest - we already milk goats, make soap, make cheese, knit, spin, weave.....but it was fun to get away. SG wants to take classes on woodworking...they're a little pricey, but hey - why not?

There was a few funny moments - the "gatekeeper" at the basket-making table was very......frown-y at my knitting. Look, we got there and there was no spot for us, so we had to wait. I pulled out the sweater - I prefer to DO something productive instead of just standing around, bored - and started working on it. Herself made a few comments ("Gee, mom - you should go stand next to the knitting class! You could inspire them!" "Um, no - that wouldn't be very nice. They are doing a good job of getting them started - I don't want to distract them/draw attention to me, y'know?" and "Mom - you should have brought your spindle!" (there was a drop spindle class next to the knitting one). Sigh - I'm still working on her social skills....) which REALLY got the lady frown-y...:sigh: And then she got a little...touchy when the 2 of us sat down, got a quick "This is how you start!" from the 13-year old "teacher", and ran with it. The gift baskets we made are pretty simple - 6 rows of plain weave (over1/under1) then you do the rim. EASY. Only, apparently not - the 2 ladies sitting next to me had NO clue - they had started before we got there, but we finished before them. Apparently it's hard to remember to go OVER 1 reed, then UNDER the next one, and to start/stop in a different spot each row. :bangs head:

Ah, well - we both now know the basics, and my Market basket wasn't that difficult (once I got past the first 3 rows of the sides, anyway.) I just need to work on my tension - once the sides were standing on their own I started to tighten my tension, so my basket kinda narrows at the top. No biggie - but not what it's supposed to do. :lol: And I need to work on my packing in skills - like I said, the top is sorta......slope-y. :rofl: Still - it'll hold yarn, which was the purpose, and it filled 4.5 hours of my time. Not too bad!

Today, I'll be working on an oven mitt (or 2.) I think I've found something to put in the closet for NEXT year's presents....:lol: Everyone needs oven mitts - and I have found a use for otherwise too-ugly-to-use yarn. :snicker: Felting hides a lot of sins......I just have to get over my "No! NO hot water near the woolies!" reaction. (Felting is *bad* - it shrinks socks/mittens/sweaters and makes them unwearable. However, for hot pads you WANT to felt it down so that it insulates you. I just never thought about doing this before....)

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