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Shabbat Shalom!

The orthodontist's office finally agreed to pay - "in good faith" - the overdraft charges. Unfortunately, because they farted around, I got hit with one more. :sigh: I'm just gonna eat that one, because honestly? It's not worth the arguing. My bank is supposed to be emailing me an official statement to forward on to the ortho (because apparently a *dated* screenshot of my account isn't good enough. Whatever...)...I kinda hope it shows the added charge, so I can point out that hey, I'm trying to be nice here (even though, once again, it was NOT my fault that I got hit with the overdraft charges.)

Good news - we ARE getting bonuses this year; they're the same as last year. Praise God for it! I've got plans for it....most of it will be spent on the kids. I get to buy me a basket kit (5 baskets, 1 price - nice!) and some yarn. The rest - what little there will be after tithing and kids - will SIT in my account to try and prevent any problems. :big sigh:

Been busy with the needles lately - I finished my cowl yesterday, and started a pair of fingerless mitts this AM. Photos on my Ravelry page (fiber-addict; I need to make sure everything is set to open access) - I don't wanna spam people here. :lol: (Truth: The photos are on my iPad, and LJ won't upload from it - or if they will, it's not intuitive. Ravelry makes it *easy*.)

It's "warm" - 45* right now - and Raining. Huzzah! We NEED rain so badly!

Hope y'all have a Shabbat Shalom!

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