Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

My Jeep is possessed....

Seriously. I think the auto-makers do this on purpose. Last month, I paid her off. The very next week, the window regulator broke. Now.....she's possessed.

Friday, SG wanted to take his car in to looked at; there was a dragging sound every time he went in or out of the driveway. He and Herself got into the car, and started backing out. Himself was chasing the chick (it's...disappeared. :sigh:), so I got into the Jeep, put the key in (but did NOT turn it!) and started queuing up a playlist on my phone that we could listen to.

Libby. Went. INSANE. The horn started blaring (NOT honking; blaring. 1 continuous noise), the wipers - both front and back - went crazy, the hazards went on, and wiper fluid was spraying EVERYWHERE. I immediately pulled the key OUT - nothing happened. SG parked the car and ran up - Libby is just going bonkers.

He finally disconnected the battery. Blessed silence! He looked at stuff, decided I must have hit the Panic button by mistake (.......), and reconnected the battery. (I should note here - HE had the key IN HIS HAND at this point.)

Chaos ensued. :sigh: We left her with battery disconnected and went on to Firestone for his car. We told them about Libby...they were perplexed, but told us they'd be happy to look at her on Saturday.

So. Yesterday morning AAA came out to tow her in. I told the guy - you really do NOT want to reconnect the battery if you don't have to. He tried to pull her on the trailer, but really needed it to be in Neutral - which can't be done without the key engaged. :sigh: So. He connected the battery....NOTHING. Of course, I also couldn't start her, but hey - silence!

Until he hooked the 2nd tow chain to the bumper - she went INSANE. He pulled the battery, and hauled her in.

And Firestone can't do anything. :bangs head: We're trying to figure out how to get her to a dealership, because it looks like she needs a lobotomy - the TIPM unit ( aka the "brain") seems to have gone haywire. This seems to be a common complaint (if one is to believe Google)...but Firestone says they aren't capable of hooking up a new unit. :sigh: (Added funny: they connected the battery, nothing. They tried to start her...nothing. For a few minutes. Then she went nuts. And started. They pulled the key...and she KEPT RUNNING. Fun times! I don't know how they got her to finally turn off.....I suggested they call an exorcist, but they didn't find that as funny as I did.)

So. Here's hoping we can figure out how to tow her in (because I think AAA may not tow her anywhere else), and here's hoping the lobotomy won't be too expensive.

And to top it off? I got the title in the mail YESTERDAY. :sigh: The Lord certainly does have a sense of humor, doesn't He? :lol:

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