Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Wow. We have internet today...

yesterday, we had NONE. And no home phone. And AT&T went down about 1:30 and stayed down until sometime last night (meaning: I had no cell phone, either.) Good thing SG's phone is Verizon! :lol:

One thing it led me to contemplate: We are to be IN the world, not OF it, right? we sat here doing our normal daily routine, I pondered: what if THAT'S the thing? What if, instead of dressing "funny", or going out of our way to shun stuff....what if we are to NOT do "normal", "man" things? Like....celebrate man-made traditions and holidays?

Because...we were certainly NOT of the world yesterday. Yes, we did school. No, we didn't hit any last-minute sales on Tuesday (although we did do our normal once-a-month shopping). We were just about the calmest people in the stores we hit on Tuesday, to be was weird. Almost surreal, because everybody else was running around looking for presents, and we were buying our normal groceries and having a good time with each other. Makes you think....

Anyway. Tuesday had gotten us off-track, school-wise, because I *knew* things would be crazy and we left early. Glad we did - we missed a lot of the crowds everywhere except Wally-world. And even there it wasn't too bad when we got the time we left they were *swamped*.

So yesterday we did Tuesday AND Wednesday's work -got it all done, except we didn't get to finish Die Walkurie (we're studying Wagner in our Music Appreciation class, and this was the suggested piece. Well, part of it, anyway. Since we have the whole Das Rheingold set, we watched the first 2 acts of Die Walkurie...we'll watch the last act sometime today. (Maybe....I have a few errands to run, but we'll try to finish it today. I have the Met's 2000 version - with "the Machine" - and it's AWESOME.)

Haven't heard anything yet on Libby. Hopefully today we'll know something.....

Gotta go get stuff together to get started - laters!

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