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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Shabbat Shalom!

We're hunkering down in the rain today. It's typical Texas weather - 67* today, and wet. 30* 2 days ago. No wonder the flu is going around - we don't know how to dress for the weather!

I was asked a question yesterday: What are DPNs? :heheheheheheheheh: Quick knitting lesson:

Knitting is an all-purpose craft. You can use it to replace sewing, by knitting pieces flat and seaming them up (but it takes a LOT longer, and knitted fabric tends to grow. Not so good in skirts!) Where knitting shines, however, is in seamless circular garments.

When you knit flat, you use straight needles - think pencils. You knit a row, then turn the work and knit back. Easy-peasy, mindless...but you have to sew up the finished item.

When you knit circular, you skip the seaming step. To knit seamless tubes, you can't use straight needles - you use either circulars (aka "circs") or DPNs (Double Point Needles - think toothpicks, only fatter. Usually. Some sock needles ARE toothpicks. :lol:). You can use either for any project - I prefer DPNs, because they hurt my hands/wrists less than circs.

Now, I have a.....LOT....of needles. Of every type - straight, DPN, and circ. The problem is...metal needles hurt. Plastic needles annoy me. Bamboo in the larger sizes, but not sock/glove sizes (for *me*). I've tried just about every type of needle out there......Ebony is lovely, but in sock sizes it snaps. Rosewood, ditto (and both of those aren't quite pointy enough.)

Dyakcraft "invented" the laminate needles way back when (and KnitPicks stole the idea, and had the audacity to SUE them over it. :bangs head: It's why I have boycotted KP, even though they have cheap prices and semi-decent yarn). I knew Linda from online, so I thought I'd give them a try - and I LOVED them. They were strong, but springy - no pain, easy to use, and I wasn't able to snap them (and, I admit, I *tried*, Just because.)

The downside...they're not cheap. I think I paid $25/set way back when (and when I reordered size 2's the other day, I noticed that they have some for $18, and some for $25 - depends on the pattern. I bought the $17 ones.)(for reference, JoAnn's sells bamboo DPNs for about $8/set...and you can use the 40% off coupons on them. So.....about $5/set) - and let me tell you, they're worth *every* penny. But....I can't just run out and buy another set - there's a waiting period for them (only - Praise God! - they had the set I ordered in stock and mailed them out TODAY. :happy dance:) Yes, they're worth the wait - but...I kinda need them *now* to start a new pair of fingerless mitts.

Yes, I have.....a few pairs of size 2's. Unfortunately, they're all in use. In projects that are hibernating for one reason or another. :sigh:

Anyway. SG has said he'll replace the DPNs Chloe ate, so that'll be 2 new pairs. And, um, the "emergency" set I ordered from KnitPro (their "Karbonized" ones...we'll see how they do. Same price as the Dyaks, so no benefit to buy a set...but coming from Austin, so I should have them tomorrow...and the "local" yarn store carries them. So, you know, just in case.....) And when the IRS refund comes in, I'll try to stock up on size 2s and 3s (my "usual" sizes) so that...well, so that I have backups.


In other news.....I finally got a replacement drive band for my ball winder - boy, is it fun to use now! I wound 3 balls of yarn in under 30 minutes today (it had been taking about that for *1*). I'm trying to talk SG into making me one with gears instead of a band (so that I don't have to worry about broken bands)...we'll see. The gears are what's hanging him up; he doesn't know how to cut them out. Anyone know anyone who makes/sells gears? Wood/metal/plastic - I'd prefer wood or metal, but I'm not *that* picky.

Shabbat Shalom - and may your weekend be blessed!

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