Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Lovely Latin....

So. We changed our Latin curriculum, due to boredom with Linney's Latin Class. I *like* Linney, don't get me wrong, but.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

We've started TGC's "Latin 101"...and WOW - I like the instructor! He's funny, he's engaging - even Herself, who started off with "I don't like him. Latin is boring!" is now saying that he's "OK. Even Funny! But...Latin is still boring." So, I can't win 'em all....:lol: We're on lesson 3, and it's good. I think it was worth the cost, and if they come out with any more languages, I'll have to really think about ordering them.

Goats: Inara decided at 4 AM that Malcolm was *cute* and she was in *love* and why wasn't he paying attention to her?????? At 4. A.M. She's Nubian...and LOUD. :lol: Needless to say, we put her in with him after morning milking, and we should have babies in 150 days. :fingers crossed:

DPNs: Got both orders of needles in today, and I decided to test-knit the Karbonz. (Because I *know* how the Dyak Craft ones feel!) So far, I like them. They're a little stiffer than the Dyak's - so far, no pain, but....we'll see. They have metal tips, which is odd (for me) far, I like them. I don't think they'll replace the Dyak Craft ones in my heart, but they might do as quick replacements.

Other: Started working on the tax returns stuff! Wanna get it done - the IRS isn't accepting any until 1/31, but I'd like to get them in *now* so that they're at the front of the line. :sigh: It needs doing, though.....

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