Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
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Yesterday was Office Day - not bad. Got the stuff done, got the spreadsheets pretty much updated....and was out of there by 12:15. Not bad, all told.

Been making lists of what needs to be done with the IRS refund...this year, it looks like "storage" is the name of the game. :lol: I'm also planning on updating all our cookware - I got rid of the non-stick stuff, but replaced it with cheap ceramic-lined things; this year I'd like to update them with non-cheap stuff. And I'd like to replace the current kitchen island cart with one a little more....usable. This one has 1 shelf on the bottom; I'd like one with doors and 2 bottom shelves (Big Lots has them - or did.) We'll see - this is why I make lists. :lol:

Almost done with mitt #1....I am LOVING this yarn. I'm trying to budget in the purchase of more....because this is just yummy.

Tomorrow is Tu B'Shevat - the Trees' Birthday. No school (just because I can :lol:) - the plan is to shovel out the Studio and see what we need in there. There's a lot of stuff for donation that we'll be hauling off....I just need to see what sort of storage I can shoehorn in there, and then figure out what the best fit for my budget will be.

Not much else going on.....

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