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It's story time!

With Pictures!!!

Once upon a time, there was a knitter. She was self-taught, mostly, and pretty fearless. She started with socks - which is supposed to be a no-no - because that's what she wanted; her first pair were pretty much bulletproof and stood up on their own (she hadn't quite mastered gauge at that point...) She persevered, and got better.

She dabbled in color work, knitting both of her children cute sweaters. Her daughter got one with sheep (and the knitter converted it from pieces to in-the-round-seamless):


And her son got a tractor sweater:


She knit hats, and socks, and gloves, and scarves - very little daunted her. (I've posted pictures of those items recently, photos. Sorry! :wink:) She even knit her husband a cabled aran cardigan - 52" chest!!! There was nothing she wouldn't attempt.

Except, for some reason, color work socks. THEY intimidated her. She branched into color worked fingerless gloves, which is practically the same thing as socks, but still - something held her back.

Then, one day, the knitter decided to face her nemesis.....and, well - here:

fibonacci socks

Pattern is Fibonacci Socks from Op Art Socks. Yarn is Serendipity Yarns Breathless - 80% Merino/10% Cashmere/10% Silk. LOVELY yarn - so scrumptious! So SOFT!

That mountain has been conquered, and now - now, NOTHING is too difficult! Which lead to a conundrum - so many color work socks in the queue, and a looming loss of income. What to do? "Cheap" sock yarn in solid/semi-solid colors runs about $8/ball; 2 balls per pair of socks.

Inspiration struck - what about buying undyed sock yarn in bulk? On......cones? Friday, this appeared:

sock yarn cone

THAT, my friends, is 3 pounds of undyed sock yarn. 75% Wool/25% Nylon. 5400 yards. And, since I can get a pair of socks out of 440 yards (220 of each color), I should get at least 12 pairs of socks out of this cone. Which cost $66.47 ($56.97; $9.5 shipping). Which means.... $5.54/pair. With some leftover undyed yarn! Granted, this is just ordinary sock yarn....but the fancy-smancy stuff I am going to get is only $11.70/pair....and it's 80% Merino/10% Cashmere/10% Nylon! (For comparison, it's almost exactly the blend in my Fibonacci socks, which ran $31/SKEIN. I got it on sale for $25/skein....I did the math. :gulp:

And Saturday......after a run to the flea market to pick up a new-to-her dye pot, this happened:

sock yarn dyed

Well, the knitter is now on a roll. Today, 3 more skeins have hit the dye pot, and 4 more are in the queue. The plan is to dye up a bunch, then package them up to make a sort of sock-of-the-month club. The knitter - who am I kidding? *I* can just grab a baggie that has the dyed yarn and pattern in it, and I'll be ready to go with the next project. The turquoise and bright yellow are for Herself - she wants Escher lizard tessellation socks ("Maurits" from "Op Art Socks"). The emerald and white are for "Green Isle" socks (from "Socks from Around the World" - I think that's the name. Same author as "Op Art Socks" - these have shamrocks running down the leg). I have combos planned for Necker, Alhambra, a few more colors just because.

And no, not every future sock will be stranded color work. I just finished this (1) single sock for Herself:

canyon sunset socks

Self-patterning yarn from Paton's Kroy Socks line. I had to stop to knit up a quick fish hat for our friends' 6 year old - he saw Herself's, and was so polite in NOT asking for one while making it very clear that he really, really, really would like to have one that I just HAD to cast on for him. :lol:

So. Hope your weekend has been as fun as mine!

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