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What I've been up to.....


Previous Entry What I've been up to..... Feb. 7th, 2014 @ 03:32 pm Next Entry
not much, but...I HAVE to share this with you:

Luck of the Irish socks

I do believe that these are the prettiest socks I've ever knit. This is also the first project that got stares from "outsiders" - I was at the toe, so I took this with us to the orthodontist today. The doc stopped and commented, 3 nurses stopped and commented, and 4 other nurses stood in a huddle and pointed and stared. :giggle:

Pattern is a mash-up of "The Green Isle" from "Knitted Socks Around the World" (foot and instep) and "Fibonacci" from "Op-Art Socks" (sole pattern). The yarn is Franklin Natural that Herself and I dyed (green) and natural....and it's.....it's prettier than I had imagined.

I was going for a nice, dark Emerald...not this lovely Kelly. This, though - THIS is perfect. The pattern and the yarn and the colors work beautiful. :sigh: I LOVE it when things work out like this!

In other news: Chloe is NOT as bad as we had thought. I dug out the crate (she barely fits) and locked her up Wednesday when we had to leave for most of the day. The house? Was *destroyed* - and Ms. Chloe was still locked up nice and tight in the crate. We think Tigger is up to her old antics - and we've been blaming the wrong dog. Yes, I've apologized profusely to Chloe....Tigger's in the doghouse now. :lol:

Shabbat Shalom! I have to cast on another sock!

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