Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Happy Thursday!

Lots of stuff going on - can't talk about some, but it's ALL good!

First up - I finished my Luck o'the Irish socks! (Rav link - don't worry, it's public!) They look Fabulous, and I Love them! They'll make their debut at NTIF in 2 weeks. :happy dance:

The IRS refund hit today, so the kids and I had fun. :whew: I wanted to replace my cookware - I had planned to go 1 town over to the Fiesta outlet; last night - on a whim - I ran the numbers. Then I went to the Homer Laughlin site, and ran THOSE numbers. Normally, I'd shop local....but this? What I wanted from HL direct was $275-ish. From the local outlet? $463 BEFORE taxes. ( shipping, because it was over $150.) Um. I just can't justify paying that much more, plus I hit checkout and my lovely new Fiesta cookware is on it's way to us. (Scarlet 11-piece set, if you care. Plus a shamrock casserole and a terra-cotta (can't remember the actual color name) square baker. :happy dance:

After school, we hit Big Lots - I wanted to replace the over-sized, under-efficient island cart in the kitchen. Not only did I get a prettier was the last one, the floor sample...and $100 cheaper than marked. Sold! :happy dance:

We had a full, busy day - Herself spent her portion at Fire Mountain Gems; Himself is still dithering. I got them new was fun. And time well-spent.

The kitchen looks larger, and it's more organized (this one has *doors*. And drawers! I can double-stack on the shelves! And it has a marble top!). We're all tired, but it's a good tired.

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