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Well, THAT went well! - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About Well, THAT went well!

Previous Entry Well, THAT went well! Feb. 19th, 2014 @ 10:42 am Next Entry
Riley has settled in; the other dogs are tolerating him at the moment. He's a VERY sweet boy - quite happy to beg for pets, hasn't jumped up on anyone, and - so far! - hasn't done anything destructive. Yeah, that probably won't last, but I'm revealing in it while it lasts. Herself is quite happy with him - he keeps coming up to *her* and licking her.

Chloe is at the vet getting spayed. Poor baby....but it's necessary. I was able to get Riley an appointment with this vet (not our normal one) for Friday (since he's NOT fixed :grrrrr:). I called EVERY. SINGLE. VET. in the area trying to get him in - our vet can't see him before 3/4; the next soonest was 3/3. :sigh: This is the vet the Animal Shelter uses, and they had an opening, so off he goes!

I'm almost down to the toe on Herself's sock :finally!: I am itching to start something else. :lol: I just got notice that my wool/cashmere yarn shipped......:happy dance:

Break's over - gotta get back to school!

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