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Weekend Re-cap

Let's see...

1. Riley got fixed Friday. Poor guy - he really didn't want to be left at the vet, and he was SO happy (drugged, but happy!) when we went back to pick him up. He's doing well. The vet tech told us he was "freakishly smart!" and that we had lucked out - yup and yup. We hit Half Price yesterday and got some books for Herself on Heelers and Dog Training.

Here he is:


2. I had made it halfway thru the 2nd repeat of my color work socks...and noticed I had failed at chart reading. :sigh: Had to rip back to the cuff and start over (most charts, you start on the right and read to the left, then start back again. This one, however, has a repeat - you knit the first 14 stitches, then start over. I...missed that. My blocks didn't match up....:face palm:) It looks good *now*, so that's good.

3. Himself's birthday is coming up. I had asked him back in Dec. what he wanted, and he wasn't sure - maybe a 3DS or a new Wii U. OK....if he wanted the Wii U, I got the old one to trade in - he was OK with that, but he wanted to think about it.

At the beginning of Feb. I told him i NEEDED to know, so I could make arrangements. He said, that if he were totally honest, all he wanted was a Windows-based gaming laptop. :sigh: OK...I tried to pin him down on what, exactly, that was - I needed specs! - but he couldn't tell me. So...I asked SG (who *works* in IT, and knows stuff like this.)...after a HUGE argument over Want vs. Need (because he doesn't NEED a laptop, we have a nice Mac mini, blah blah blah)(I told him that GIFTS were *wants* not *needs*), SG said he had 4 laptops at work that they were going to trash and he'd take a look at them.

Well.....none of the 4 would work for gaming. SO. SG said he would get Windows 7 and Bootcamp and partition the Mac mini for Himself - and he went about getting the info off the mini so we could do that. Only....the mini is pretty full of all the gaming crap - oops, STUFF - that Himself has downloaded. It has 30g left (out of an 80g hard drive!)....and Win 7 takes 20g (or something. Bottom line - not much space left for actual, you know, GAME info.) Hmmm....I asked about getting a portable hard drive to move stuff onto, and SG said that could work.

So, yesterday, we hit Fry's. SG left his reading glasses in the car, so I told him the kids and I would browse laptops. He came back with the info on cost on Win 7/Bootcamp/hard drive....approx. $350. I pointed out a laptop that the guy said should work - $498. I also pointed out a "gaming" PC for $619. SG and Himself had a confab.....anyway.

*4* hours later, we headed home. With the stuff for SG and Himself to BUILD a REAL gaming PC. I.....let's just say that it would have been MUCH cheaper to buy a new iMac and leave it at that. (No, seriously.

I'm not too upset about the cost (it was tax refund $$$$, so not out of the budget). It's been great for Himself and SG to bond over this (they've got it built and are currently installing Windows. Or something.) This PC is MUCH more powerful than the "gaming" one - and it's expandable (the gaming one was only expandable to a point; this one is already better than it could EVER be). It's got cool lights in the fan and around the glass window (who knew you could have a window in the case, to watch....whatever it is that is watchable in a computer??) Himself now knows WHAT goes into building a computer, and can actually talk about it intelligently - both pluses. (We had to go back to Fry's to get some cable or another - and SG let Himself do the talking. Makes a Mom's heart proud, I tell you!)

(One funny - at checkout, there were 2 ladies helping us; 1 was ringing up and finding stuff on the ticket (if you've never shopped at Fry's, when you buy computer stuff, the guys in the department start a purchase-order type thing. The cashier then checks off the merchandise with the ticket.) the other was bagging it. The bagger asked, with true sincerity "Are you going to build something?" It was all I could do to not crack up!)

Anyway, a photo:

gaming pc

Sorry it's dark - I was told to take a photo with the lights OFF so that the lights would show up....whatever. :lol:

So...we've been busy. And productive.....and Educational! :lol:

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