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Yesterday was the boys' birthday - I can't believe my son is *14*. Where HAS the time gone? :lol: It was a nice day - no school, we stayed indoors as much as possible....nice.

I did get my prize yarn in - it's nice. Little more pink than I expected, but still nice. Gotta find a pattern, now.

Also got in the 10 skeins of sport weight for the boys' kilt hose - see, there's a guy at the Games that only wears hand-knit hose. He brought his latest pair to me to show off on Saturday - they were nice. We talked about them...then later, I told someone I was spinning for kilt hose, and Himself said that he'd wear 'em if I'd knit 'em. :blink:

This is the kid that NEVER wants me to make ANYTHING for him. Or buy anything for him - new clothes are an issue, because he doesn't want me spending the money. Or to have him say he'd gladly wear a pair of mom-knit kilt hose? Had me running to the web to find a suitable pattern and yarn. :lol:

I have to finish my current project (Alhambra from Op-Art Socks) first. First sock done, 2nd is CO and I'm mid-way thru the ribbing. It's a fast knit, especially since I have all my notes from sock #1.

And, Chloe is on her last life - she stole Herself's stress-heart this AM and chewed it up. (And SG laughed about it, so he's in the doghouse as well. :sigh:) I swear, Chloe is the worst thief we've ever had! :sigh:

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