Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It was supposed to be photo-day....

instead I'm sitting here with a doeling on my lap. Her twin brother is in the playpen in the bathroom - Annie popped while we were at the laundromat. Wait....

Friday, my washer decided to die. The code claims it is the pump....SG cleared both pumps out last night, it I put all the towels in (because they had to mop up the water when he pulled the hoses off)....and it got all filled up, started agitating...and died. Again. :bangs head:

So today, after work, I loaded up all our laundry, pulled the wet, manky towels out of the washer and drained them as best I could, and hauled everything to the laundry mat. 30 minutes later, everything was "clean" (I have issues....) so we headed home and I started hanging stuff on the line.

And I heard a faint "maaaaaaa"....the kids ran down to the barn to find twins. :happy dance: Then the clothesline everything has been bundled back up into the baskets and is waiting their turn in the dryer. :sigh:

At least my kids now know how to use a public laundry mat. And we have our first kids! :bounce:

Gotta run - need to reboot the dryer and try to get some colostrum down baby girl here.

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