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Random Blatherings...

OK, I think I'm ready to go. Packed my suitcase this AM, and will have to *un*pack it when I get home - my dear, sweet, wonderful MIL called this AM to inform remind me she bought me a bunch of t-shirts to take with.....because, of course, I don't want to wander around on the beach in my nice, comfy, washed to death, old t-shirts. Oh my, no. *g*

I have car-kits ready to go - Herself is into Origami at the moment, so I got 2 good books and lots of paper. FIL cut her a board and sanded it so she'd have a smooth surface to do the folding while in the van (he actually did 2, but I don't think Himself will do any. He's more into legos.) For Himself we have a set of Connex (or whatever they're called; like legos but round? Come in a bucket?) and both of them have coloring books and crayons. For me? A pillow and sunglasses! *g* (FIL is doing the driving - no one, and I mean No One, is allowed to drive His Van except for Him. And We Must take His Van. I'm not complaining!)

The laptop is currently charging, unless a)someone broke into my house (good luck to them!) or b)the Zoey-monster decided it tasted nice. Contrary to popular opinion, I am NOT taking it to check my e-mail - I can, too, live without 'net access (that's my secondary reason!) - I'm taking it so I can dump the pictures every night. (No, I won't be taking a lot of pictures....the Grands will be. *g*) I probably won't post them here on LJ - I'm planning on slapping together a basic webpage tonight/tomorrow AM and will put them *there* (since the whole website access thingy has been pretty much resolved). I'll post links, though.

The Zoo-keeper has been out and shown the routine. While waiting on her (she didn't make it until 7:30 last night - sheesh!) I found my sidewalk, and 2 gladiolas that I wasn't aware of. (Gotta love my lawnmower!). If my neighbor attached my brush hog like I asked Wednesday, I'll be able to finish the front yard tonight......otherwise, it'll be a bushy jungle. I am NOT mowing the whole thing with a push mower! Tonight, regardless, I have to mow the back yard - push mower city, unless he fixed his riding mower. (Stupid welder that was more interested in shacking up with me instead of doing his job. I *told* him my brush hog had a 48" cut....which means the blades are 48". D'oh! So, why did he make the frigging gate exactly 48" wide?)

I'm still playing with the coding for this journal. I've just about figured out what I need to do to get it to look the way I want it - I *love* paid accounts! You can set up your own layout, pretty much. CSS is a bit confusing to me, but I'm getting there. I can forsee a slight webpage re-format in the future, too. *g*

The kidlets are having fun at VBS - Himself doesn't like the forced socialization, but he's settling in (on the last day.....oh, well.) Herself is in here element - she loves the crafts portion the best. Grandma has spoiled them rotten...but that's OK. It's what Grandparents are for.

Her party is tomorrow - should be fun. Himself insisted on getting her the Barbie Rapunzel DVD (so, yeah - Mommy bought it. He asked *so* politely, though, how could I refuse?); she'll be thrilled with it. I got her an 800 piece Unicorn puzzle (*cringe*) and G'ma got her a microscope. The IL's got her a crystal-growing set, and clothes (for the trip, naturally!) and G'pa got her a stuffed Unicorn. She asked for everything (except the clothes) so I think she'll be happy. While I'm liking my solitude, I'll be happy when they get back home.
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