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H: They keep your entries for *months*???? Wow. Here, the *County* Fair opens for entry drop-off the Friday before the Fair begins; judging of the "Creative Talent" stuff is Sunday and the Fair opens for visits on Wednesday. Saturday you go pick your stuff up. So...1 week, basically.

It'll be hard for me this year, since I'm knitting stuff FOR entry, instead of just haphazardly entering whatever I have that's new. :lol:

H, again: You gave me a tip about a Dover book on fitting patterns....I haven't found that one yet, but I scored at Half-Price on Wednesday. I got a copy of "Every Sewer's Guide to the Perfect Fit"....Wow. I have quite a few books on this topic, but this one...THIS one is Awesome. The authors assume that the sewer knows the basics and nothing else - and they don't talk down to you. WORTH the $4.99 I paid. :lol: I'm still looking for the Dover book - because one can never have too much knowledge.

On that note, I seem to be pushed towards sewing lately. The last 2 visits to Half-Price I've walked out with sewing books. Nothing else, just sewing. Weird. :shrug:

Ali: LOVE the babies! Especially the Nubians! :wink: We bred very late this year - partly on purpose, partly because December was the first time I could get the buck over next to the does AND the first time I actually caught anyone in heat. Annie snuck over to the bucklings a couple of months earlier - hence the twins. Good news is, we have milk - we were still milking 3, and getting *maybe* 1.5 pints/day. Annie, by herself, is giving us a little more than 1/2 gallon/day. We're currently milking Annie and Zoe, but I'm going to dry up Zoe in the next week or so - she was bred but doesn't look it, but milked thru last year AND gave us a buckling...I'd kinda like to give her a break.

Knitting: 2/3 the way down the leg of kilt hose #1. I put most of the stitches on a circa this AM and had Himself try it on - it FITS. :huzzah!: Looks MUCH better than it does on the needles, too! :lol: Now, to keep him from grown taller in the next year or so, so that he can wear these at least once. (He's 14. I'm not counting on him wearing them for years and years....2 would make me very happy.)

I got my copy of Gainford's "Knitting Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker Stockings" today (which means I'll find my original this weekend, right?) - I'm going to start planning SG's pair. The pair I'm knitting for Himself will in NO way fit SG - I'm knitting the Medium for Himself. The Large is the same, but you add 12 stitches to it.....SG's calf is WAY bigger than 1.5" larger than Himself's. There is just no way I can knit the same pattern and have it fit SG - he's got lovely, manly calves - at least, not without adding at least 2 more cables to it. I'd rather just start fresh, to be honest.

It's been threatening rain all day. It was 66* this AM, and very very very humid.....I wish the weather would get itself under control. I'm tired of it going from freezing to burning in such short amounts of time. :sigh:

Shabbat Shalom!

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