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Weekend Recap.....

Dallas Fiber Fest was this weekend. It's been on my radar since it began in 2005, but I've never actually gone before. I have to say, I (and Herself) was very UNDERwhelmed.

I was expecting something like a small gun show, only with yarn. 60 vendors, knitting and spinning "rock stars" (Yarn Harlot! Abby Franqumont! Galina (Orenberg shawl knitter deluxe)! I figured we'd both be in a yarn coma from the moment we stepped into the marketplace, and she and I had a pact - she'd try to keep me under budget, and I would try to not spoil her with yarn.

The reality? We got there at 9:30, chatted with my friend, then hit the market. 15 minutes later, we were both ready to leave. Stop a minute and re-read that. I had money to spend, I love yarn/fiber/tools....and we had gone through the ENTIRE marketplace in under 20 minutes. Strolling - not speed shopping. Checking out ll the booths. (Full disclosure - I did spend $30-ish at that point at Goodies Unlimited. I've known her for years, and used her stuff for about as long. I jumped at the chance to buy it in person instead of online. That was the only thing outside my other friend's booth I couldn't leave without.)

We were stuck there until 12 - the boys were out doing their own thing - so Herself and I ended up trying to find something to buy. Folks, it was HARD - it was full of sock weight yarn. Which I have a metric boatload of, and honestly do NOT need. I wanted worsted-weight wool in solid or semisolid colors.....none. The only worsted I found was "sale special, 50% off"......but at $140 regular price, they could keep the damn stuff.

We ended up with:

Bag of sparkly fire-colored roving for me to spin up for Herself
Tiny bag of silk roving
16 oz of wool wash (which was on my list to get)
Beaded lariat project kit for Herself
Wood Beams and E-balm from Goodies Unlimited (she's a friend - purchase was "obligatory". And she has GOOD stuff! :lol:)
Scissors tip cover
3 skeins of sock yarn (the only yarn I was even halfway interested in. And Herself talked me into it, so that I would have bought something for me. :sigh:)
Mug from my friend (it has 3 cute sheep on it. I had to have it!) (plus, I always try to buy something from her - I like to help out my friends.)

Seriously. I buy more than that when I hit a yarn store....oh. And the prices? Were mostly the same as I could buy stuff online. (Or in some cases, WAY over-priced for what it was.) Not a huge incentive for *me* to spend, y'know? (I'm speaking about the yarn and roving here, since I am quite familiar with prices. I would have thought there would be some sort of fair incentive on the yarns, at least.)

To say it was a disappointment would be an understatement. They've had to move venues 2x because they've outgrown the space....this just....not at all what I was excitedly anticipating. And honestly? Unless my friend needs me to staff her booth, I won't be going back. It was not worth the little over 1 hour trip to me.

I tried to be objective last night.....but I just.....gah. The local newscast was excitedly talking about it - "expect over 1,700 people this weekend!" "....people come from all over - even Canada!" (As though Canada is SO stinking far away....). I guess I'm just jaded. But when it's hard for ME to get excited over yarn, and I can't find yarn to buy when I have the money and I WANT to spend it? That's pretty sad.....

I have photos of the fair stuff, I just need to get hem on the laptop so I can upload them.

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