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I promised you Fair photos, so Fair photos you shall have. :lol: Behind the cut, because...well, there's a lot of them!

First up, let's do SG's photos. 4 in 4 different classes:


fair - night photo


fair - macro photo

It's some weird but pretty bug we get in the Spring and Summer down here. Have no clue what it is, but it sure is pretty!


fair - landscape photo

This one's my favorite- it's of a pond not too far from us. I just LOVE how it looks!


fair - flora photo

One of the local cactus in full bloom. (Cacti? I think this is just 1 plant, but am not really sure.)

Now, onto Herself's entries:

Jewelry: (with ribbons, because I am totes proud of her!)

fair - jewelry ribbons

And a close up, so you can actually *see* the detail:

fair - jewelry

Artwork, colored pencils:

fair - colored pencils

These are sort of based on Native American Artwork - it's a Thunderbird, with opposites on each wing. This is "Life and Death" - I think it would have done better if the judges had known what she was going for. (That said, I'm not fond of these.....but hey, she likes them!)

Artwork, acrylic paint:

fair - acrylics

This one is based off of a solar flare photo from Hubble. She said "ooh, looks like a phoenix! I can do that!" and...did. :lol:

My socks you've seen before, so I won't spam you with them again. :lol:

I think it's nap time...I'm tired! Laters, all!

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