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The Saga of the Kilt Hose... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About The Saga of the Kilt Hose...

Previous Entry The Saga of the Kilt Hose... Apr. 3rd, 2014 @ 03:15 pm Next Entry
:sigh: I have been obsessively working on my son's kilt hose for the past....2.5 weeks or so. Slow going - the calf-shaping chart was just.....not my cuppa, but the other charts are just fun to work. I stopped and had Himself try it on 3x - here, have a couple of photos from Monday evening:

Kilt Hose front

Kilt Hose back

I asked about fit; he said "It's nice. Snug, but not too much. I like them!"

This AM, I had started the heel turn, so I asked him to try it on one more time. I figured it'd be easier for him to check the fit now that there weren't 4 needles to deal with (just the 2 on the instep)....he gets the cuff over his heel, stops, and says "You know what? I think it's a little too tight. Can you loosen it up?" :bangs head:

I knit to knit (except socks. Those I knit for the SOCKS. :lol:) I really, truly, don't mind frogging this and starting over...but why did it take until I was almost finished with the first ball of yarn to decide he'd rather have slightly larger ones??????

The good news is, I was knitting the Medium size. Surely the Large will fit him longer than...well, 1 wearing. :lol: :sob:

Enough whining - I have a cuff to cast on!

(To sop my ego, I've been working on project bags today. 2 weeks ago I found the CUTEST fabric - Timeless Treasures "Tossed Sheep". It comes in gray and red....I had purchased the red and the companion fabric and made 2 bags. Friday, I went back and purchased the matching gray fabric along with 2 more companion patterns - and yesterday and today I cut out all the parts from the fabrics I have. Pretty soon I'll have a whack of cute project bags....it's helped with the kilt hose fail, let me tell you! :lol: I'll get photos of those when the rest of the fabric comes in and I have bags made up.)

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